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Bottom of Purse, Washington,
November 11
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MAY 11, 2010 12:33AM

Two Clicks

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Got it. Think this'll help??
yarn over: no
That. Is. Perfect.

You are a plastic Goddess . . .

(but we already knew that)
No it won't help because that's now not what they're fussin' about.
Is there anything in that vid about Justin Bieber?
Justin is a little pest. The boy needs to quit texting me every four minutes.
I thought this was a PSA for seat belts.
Cindy just drank two glasses of wine!
I can't understand why people don't know this stuff! Thanks Freaky but those who need the lesson probably won't come by
problem? solved? thanks
you make it seem so easy...
I love how simple and elegant this is.
Things we all can learn from a pink-haired troll, part #567 ;0)
Oh and I *heart* the foothole banner, although at first look, I thought it was an animated map of Jamaica.
My foothole can multi-task.
I'm waiting for good news so I can smash into a sheet cake.
I had to watch it several times, but I think I've got it now. But if I do that, will I appear on the cover, even if I only have 4 or 5 thumbs up? And will it cause people I am mad at to get flat tires? Cause that's what I really want today. Tomorrow I will want something else because I believe in evolution.
They go together like cake and footholes.
Click and then click. Thanks, Freaky.
Am I really alone in not getting this? Frowny face, teardrop splish
Uh, huh! Uh, huh!!!
Pointing out the obvious will never win arguments. Hoping for a cake smash!!!!!
I dunno. This is awfully complicated. And time consuming. And dang funny.
Rated and appreciated especially for pink hair.
Did somebody say Justin Beiber ... he is hawwwwwwwwt. You should totally give him a chance. We all know you are an "eenie meenie miney mo lovah". I bet that song is allllll about YOU!

click click clack - cows that type
that is a real book that I've read to my kids hundreds of times
I'm sorry ~ that is click clack MOO - cows that type (the title)
Highly rated for sense and sensibility.
Always love a glimpse of that sassy foothole. I could click on this view way more than twice.
I never cared who was popular, I always go to the most recent tab myself.

And I wanted a song or troll dance, or some kinky cake fun....but noooooo......
I just watched this darling movie again and I'm is three clicks, AND THAT IS ONE TOO MANY!
The real irony would be if right now the radio were playing "There's Got to Be a Morning After." Yours was 9 seconds well spent.
Dahling your hair looks mahvelous
Shocking pink cotton candy hair in front of headlines about gender issues in the kitchen and Oedipus posts. I am no physicist, but is this a wormhole portal here? (Thanks!)
I didn't count the click on the spinner because to me that's not a real click - I'll go with it's two and a half.
That's one way to do it. xox
I thought we weren't going to talk about clicks around here anymore.

Oh wait, never mind. I'm so confused.
Where do I get the pink hair? Or do you have a patent on that?
I heard a bit of heavy breathing. is that gorilla taking liberties?
what's a foot hole?
And a freaky teacher shall lead us...All we need now are verbal prompts and CAKE! There has to CAKE to celebrate the task analysis. :)
(me imitating Zerry)
And. . .the Top Rated on the front cover changed again. Now it's last 12 hours.
. . .of course, this had to happen when I was finally in striking distance of Top Rated for past 3 days. *grumble grumble* I know it was all a conspiracy to get Freaky pinky on the cover.
oh oh!! that helps me! don't look at me funny, I just hadn't noticed that feature before. :p
I still like it on the front page (with one click), but this works, as long as I can get to it.
I think I love you, Freaky Troll.
_..--'''@ @'''--.._
.' @_/-//-\/>/>'/ @ '.
( @ /_/
I see the cover feeds changed again. Of course, I'm not complaining. *grumble grumble* And no "Most Viewed" anymore.