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MAY 14, 2010 5:08PM

...but feel free to suck my foothole UPDATED: shocking photo

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The Donald keeps telling me I'm fire

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I'm revirginizing myself. I'm starting with my hair and moving down.
If this were intentional it would be sheer fucking genius!

At least they didn't rule out blow jobs...
I'd like to make a profession of faith.

I really, REALLY believe this is hilarious.

Did John Edwards produce this? Who was the videographer?
I think what the dad is really saying is "don't kiss anyone but me". He is the creepiest!
sex is bad, sayeth the lord. we will bring forth young by buying them from third world countries.

(I think dad in the movie is gay.) (maybe they found him on
I like the snazzy hair.
gah. that sucked foothole.
wow. that dad is way creepy. i guess i'm going to hell...
only for YOU did I sit thru 3:16 of this!
He did not appear to rule out kissing other girls though.
I don't know how you found this, Freaky, but it's truly amazing. I have a compelling urge to rinse with Listerine...
Send that foot right over here...
Cree-pee. With mondo cree-pee music. and mondo cree-pee dad. and weird, telltale eyebrows. Pass the foothole please.
I think I saw that dad's picture on a sex offender list.
Sadly funny. I grew up in the Jehovah's Witness cult. They told us to wait for marriage. I waited until I left the state. Then I totally whored it up. I'm so glad I did!
:p wow, ick, that was creepier than the book I'm reading right now
As long as one uses protection, your foothole sounds like a delightful turn-on.
This brought back a lot of memories. (seriously)
These folks will be lifelong followers of Glenn Beck. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe I'll just settle in to a nice foot-hole fantasy. I like those best.
It only took Pamela two minutes and twenty eight seconds to find true love and a handsome husband. How does one make this profession of faith and find instant husband? Cuz I'm so on it.
God, that SO takes me back to junior high school! (I'm talking the early 60's, people!)
This actually made me throw up a little in my mouth. That father gives off such a creepy vibe... he's out there somewhere kissing little boys, I just know it.

(Plus, let's face it, those two virginistas will never know foothole love).
That "Dad" is majorly creepy.
Eeeewwwwww. I'm hell-bound. Guess I better take cake.
Where was Mom in all this?
Oh my god, this is so - hang on! I just have to go to the bathroom and throw up - okay I'm back -- oops, have to barf again -
great kissers have had a lot of practice. i'd want one of those. and preferably one without a mullet.
Holy mother-fecking christ. Oh yes, God is trying to teach you a lesson, THAT'S why the boy lied and everybody in school thinks you made out.
"When you lay down on your wedding bed..." Ack! Perv!
(Pavanne, I'm right behind you -----hold my hair please!)
Actually I'm a little confused. I'm thinking we can do everything but kiss... right?
I'm hiring Gloria again.
Once again, I can thank you, Freaky, for embedding creeeeeepy images in my head that will no doubt come back to me in very queasy dreams tonight. Cool!
OMG!!!!! ::running away with eyes closed::

"Well I never kissed him daddy, but I sure f**ked his brains out."
The Lord sayeth, thou shalt not kiss, fondle, or even admit that thou hast a body until thou art married. Thou must deny, deny, ignore, and repress all feelings of sex because nice people don't have sex, they just have kids. Then thou shalt have a complex about sex and be all screwed up for the rest of thine adult life because it's not bad any more but now thou has 25 years of repression to undo.

Thus spake the Lord.
Freaky, Here's 'a big kiss for you ... MWAH!
It's all a lie. The rule against kissing only applies to some girls. We call them "ugly".
I think I missed part of the plot.
Well, in accordance with the religious nature of that video, I want to say:


thank you, now I feel well enough to go on...

P.S. According to Creepo Dad, it apparently is cool if she'd make out with another chick, though! ;-)
I don't think it was produced by John Edwards ... prolly Roman Polanski. I can't top any of the comments but roared over a few ... anything but kissing Daddy .... daddy! what are you doing DADDY!!!?
i REALLY thought Daddy was gonna kiss that boy next, and they just edited it out, right?
she never kissed or made out with a boy except her dad and the boy never kissed anybody or made out with them, except her dad...

complicated by the fact that the dad cloned himself and in order to marry his teen aged daughter. but then he divorced her to marry her (younger) sister..
Of course, it's okay to lay a big wet one on Daddy, eh?

Do these idiots never read the Bible? Jesus and the disciples were always kissing -- men kissing men --eeeeeew, even after all that abomination stuff in Leviticus -- and kissing women, too. In the verses excised from the Bible, Jesus frequently kissed Mary on her ... well, we don't know for sure, but maybe those verses got excised because the copyists were getting a bit too moist while copying.

And maybe, just maybe all that repressed sexuality is why we are so screwed up about sex. Care for a bite of my apple?
Freaky, I'm crushed! You said you'd wait for me!
That dad is off the icky chart. The number doesn't even go that high.
The video WAS funny but I'm mesmerized by the picture of Freaky and The Donald...or paralyzed; I'm not sure which.
I have seen that doll. When you punch the right button he talks. Did you punch the button?
OhmiGod, Freaky. Please remember: NO TONGUES!
But then, maybe you don't have one . . .
Well I'll be damned....for all time. Rated for it's ultimate creep factor. Much love to you.
Eeeeuuw! I feel vaguely unclean after watching that.

What drugs are these people taking by the way? Their facial expressions are positively other-worldly.
This is what my dad was saving me from all those years with limited TV watching! Thank you, dad! xox
Dad the Dirtbag! I can just see him crusing the parks for young prey.
Yeah, why is Dad all up in their business, anyway. Very suspicious.
Freaky, you were warned... no go say ten Hail Mary's and call me in the morning!
Whew! At least anal is still safe!
I watched this and am entering a monastery. In Tibet.
I knew Trump liked to be dominated!
I find it deliciously entertaining that the father was cast by an actor with creepy demon eyes.
The dad reminds me of the guy in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." My favorite part is "O, Come All Ye Faithful" playing in the background. LOL. But Freaky, are you sure this isn't a satire, a la "Reefer Madness"??
This isn't true. This didn't just happen.
Harry, if bj's were ever shunned, I'd have a big problem.
Reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts tells Richard Gere that she'll do anything sexually for him except kiss him on the mouth. That's too emotional.