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November 11
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MAY 15, 2010 12:05AM

NSFW: Green Beans for Barry

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I started off with good intentions, I did!
So, some stuff happened, and then some more stuff, and then I blacked out.  I think raccoons were somehow involved.  IT WASN'T MY FAULT.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!  Now for your present:
You may go ::THUD:: now.

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::THUD Thud thud::
you ate ALL the cake?
Whoooa there, Freaky. You need to put an NSFW warning on this.
Oh my lord, you're right Soupspoon Pitchfork. I changed the title.
I'm telling cake you're cheating.
You've got to change it up every now and then.
OH MY!!! ::PUD::

Stupid sound effect man!! PFFFFT!!!

***wanders off***
I love sheet cakes. They're yummy!!
Happy Birthday Barry and, FREAKY, I think you do look a bit pudgier, but I guess it was worth it!
That's just troll porn. Don't be afraid.
Shouldn't you at least have given Barry the opportunity to lick the leftover frosting?
I would blame it on the banditos from Arizona.

Happy BD Barry!!!!
Oooo... and they're "French Style."
Popping out of a can of green beans for the party???!!! Because you ate the cake???? I didn't k now you were Chinese???

happy birthday barry!!!!!!! xoxo
It would be selfish of someone as HAWT as Freaky to keep all that love to herself.

Happy Birthday, Barry!
bbd, old Barry. Poor F- 16 and user of a great digital F- stop digit camera.
O, photo.
The first one looks like Wild Pinky Freaky was left behind in a crumby brownie pan, yes.
Poor Freaky. She a dwarf.
Snow White. Pinky Barry.
Freaky show. Pink midriff.
Green beans. Freaky butts.
I says`Freak. Great butter.
For some reason I feel I should flag this.

Happy Birthday Barry!
Happy Birthday, Barry -- just what you always wanted -- a little troll porno!!
Wow. Imagine what you could do with a three-bean salad.
The real obscenity here is the mixing of canned beans and sheet cake.
Your a funny freaky troll !
I hate it when I miss good stuff like this . . . er . . . yeah . . .
Am I the only one who vomited?