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APRIL 30, 2012 1:04PM

Weight Loss Journal: Beans

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And no, I'm not talking about the kind of beans you eat.


This is my kitchen windowsill. I had the jars already--I just like them. There they sat, collecting dust. When I started this weight loss project, and decided to get serious about it, I knew I needed a way to see it and pay attention to it, every day.

The jar on the left is what I've accomplished. The one on the right is what there is to go. I get to move a bean from one jar to another with each whole number of pounds lost (I couldn't figure out how to do a quarter of a bean. And that's just silly anyway). Officially lost--aka weights only count at Weight Watchers meetings.

And I really really don't want to have to move a bean back.

So there they are. In my kitchen. Visual, tangible, real. Right near my measuring cups, my kitchen scale (aka my new best friend), my measuring spoons.

Making it real. One bean at a time.

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Thanks Sarah! I'm a visual person. I think I'd be better at math if I'd learned to use an abacus properly. Maybe that's what this is... an abacus for weight loss.
What a great idea. I guess that's a new definition for bean-counter.
Lea--ha ha! Love it.
I love this idea - so much more concrete than numbers on a scale. ...So effective, in fact, that I don't know if I'd dare to do it myself! :-)
You'll make it. You are not full of beans. Best of success.
Off to a good start! It's a tough journey but you can do it!
Alysa, Mary, and Painting, thanks for the kind thoughts. I don't know why some kind of visual reminder is so effective for me, but it is. I get down, sad that it takes so damn long, and I just want some cake already! And I look at the beans. Nope, no cake. Maybe a cup of tea and a walk. I think marbles or pennies or pebbles or anything might work.
I like the visual reminder. Sounds like a good idea.