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JUNE 11, 2012 5:46PM

Weight Loss Journal: More beans!

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Another milestone today... 1/4 of the way there.

I'm still moving beans from one jar to the other. One bean for every pound lost. I've moved sixteen beans.

jars 6-11-2012 

I will get there.

I want to buy clothes again, and enjoy them. I want colorful, fabulous, artistic, wonderful clothes, not just stuff to cover my body while I schlep my kids from place to place.

16 down. 

46 to go.

I had Thai food twice last week. I loved it. I had fresh mangoes and sweet sticky rice with coconut sauce. It was fantastic. It was decadent. It was wonderful. And I CAN have stuff like that. Not every day. But sometimes. The next day, I passed up an ordinary bakery cookie on a buffet table. I knew I'd had something I truly love the day before, and it was great. It was to die for. I loved every bite. I used all my extras for the week to get it, and it was worth it. That bakery cookie? Not worth it. I passed it up, and had a salad instead. I actually left a cookie sitting on the table. Because I made a different choice. And a grocery store cookie isn't worth it.

The old me would have had two.

I can't do any kind of food plan that says "you can't have." If they tell me I can't ever have salmon-flavored dog kibbles again, then that's what I'll crave. Instead, I can have anything I want, anything under the sun, in moderation. In small portions. Sensibly. Brie? Brownies? Bread? Yes to all of those. With some planning.

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Yay Froggy! I'll have to check out your earlier posts to see how you're doing it.
Hi Caroline--Weight Watchers. But actually doing it. I messed around with it for almost a year, going to the meetings once in a while, not really following the instructions. I started getting serious about it on April 1... tracking every blessed thing. It works.
Hey! I came here thinking beans were the secret to losing weight. I do love them, but there is that downside. But now I see what you're doing. Clever way to keep tabs. Congrats!
Thanks for stopping by, Matt! I do love beans. To eat. But these beans are right in my kitchen windowsill... right by the food... and I REALLY don't want to move one the wrong direction. Helps keep me motivated. I think in an earlier life I used an abacus.
I think you are so right, and congratulations on your progress - and especially on passing up that cookie! For me, that's the hardest thing of all, passing up pastries. Continued luck and balance.
This bean counter is excellent Froggy.
To watch the progress.
I leave more encouragement here for you.
Go woman!!
Do you move a bean for every cookie you do not eat? Day you do not eat the cookie? The jars are so pretty. Best wishes for yummy healthy eating. Farmer's market season starts this week here. Fresh peas! I think weight watchers lets you have all of those you want....
R for the photo and the progress.
I can feel you...My problem exactly ..." I want to buy clothes again, and enjoy them. I want colorful, fabulous, artistic, wonderful clothes, not just stuff to cover my body ''. Keep up the good work. I on the other hand I am on strict coffee diet for two days..Drinking only liquids and coffee...Rated..
The beans are a very clever idea, Froggy. Salmon flavored dog kibbles... ha! ~r
Alysa--thanks for reading. I think the trick for me is to make sure I don't feel deprived. I'm not passing up that cookie, I'm waiting for something better.

Mission--I really think I should have learned to use an abacus properly. I'm a very visual person, I have to have things in front of me or I forget about them. This keeps weight loss in front of my nose all the time, especially in the kitchen where the food is.

Greenheron--it's a bean for every pound lost. I didn't make that very clear, sorry. One jar is what I've accomplished, the other is what's left to go.


Olga--good luck to you too! I'm discovering that this is a journey, not a sprint, and it's a journey I'll be on for the rest of my life.

Joanie--I just can't do any kind of diet or food plan that says "you can't have." I just can't go there. But I'll save the kibbles for the dog.
Rooting for your success. What a great visual reminder of your progress!
Congrats! My own weightloss program isn't going a well, and sadly I only have to lose around 18 pounds. I just can't seem to make them go away...even after months of staring at that stupid treadmill.
I love the visual of beans- saw it on Pinterest, too. Good luck to you- that's fantastic.