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MAY 21, 2010 6:53PM

Takes the Same Faith to Manifest Millions As for Ten Cents!

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I wrote a post this week about having all my needs met since I started following stepsratels used by a woman I met here in Toledo to manifest ten cents she desperately needed during the Great Depression. I tell the story in my book and list all the steps she took before and after the dime she needed manifested. 

She outlined each as she told the story, starting with being thankful for something she didn't even have yet! The last step was the same as the first. She was thankful. 

Imagine the faith it took to be thankful for something she didn't have and had no conceivable way of getting. Her thankfulness meant she KNEW she'd get what she needed! How did she know? Her faith told her!

When I first heard the story I thought, "What if she'd asked for a million dollars with that kind of faith!" But this humble woman would never have thought to ask for more than she needed. 

I then thought, "Maybe she didn't have enough faith to manifest a million dollars!" and immediately knew better.

The same faith that manifests ten cents will also manifest a million or a billion dollars. While the woman of faith was driven by need to put her great faith to work, it's not usually need that drives most of us to want millions, but greed.

Yet many of us want abundance not just for our own needs and wants, but to help others, as well. Whatever the reason, faith manifests. It's not magic, but the power of belief.

So, I've decided to move beyond having my needs met, although I am very grateful for that, to using the faith that makes that happen to manifest wealth.

I don't want to be rich to buy a bunch of designer this and that. I have big ideas that require large amounts of money to be realized.

So, like the woman who manifested a dime, I hereby declare my faith will manifest millions that can be used to bring my ideas to life and help others in need.

I begin this process with the first step demonstrating my faith that I will get what I need. I am also iInviting anyone who has a need to take that first step with me. (I will go through each step in future posts.)

While my faith is deeply rooted in Judaeo-Christian beliefs, many people who have no religious affiliations or believe in a different diety than mine have used their own belief systems to manifest their needs and desires. 

Take the first with me substituting the name(s) of your higher power(s) if necessary. You may have to repeat this a few times until you can say it with conviction and without any doubt that you will have what you need.

"Thank you, God, for the millions I need to create the visions I have, in the name of Jesus, who said whatever I ask for in His name I shall have. Therefore, I ask this day that the abundance of the universe will open up to me and pour out blessings I am not able to receive just for myself, but will have to share with others. Thank you for this blessing, oh Lord. I receive it now, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah! Amen."

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I once had everything, now I have nothing. I look for nothing because I am happy. I have my health and my faith. Therefore I have everything.
Rated with hugs and understanding.
This is beautiful, Linda. You should write a book!
Interesting concept. I'm still working on distinguishing between appetite and need, and my faith is in my ability to know which are the right choices, and my hope is that I will be able to act appropriately.
Even appetites can be needs. If you have an appetite for doing things that bring you joy, think that's a need. It may not always be some higher calling or great deed that drives us Sometimes it's a simple as a child wanting a bike and a parent who is barely making it wanting to give it to him or her. Or a senior wanting to keep a treasured pet but not being able to afford food for it. Whatever the need, it's important.
Good point, Diva. I should clarify. I mean appetite in a selfish, unthinking way, e.g. spending money on a toy for myself rather than on a necessity for the survival of my family or for a basic comfort. Helping others, besides my immediate family, is a whole new level, as I see it. Again, the heart and the mind should collaborate on these choices. For me it's family first and the family of mankind next. This may seem how Mayor Daley (the elder) saw it in Chicago, but I would say that with him it was family first and voters next.
Matt, after reading you I know your choices will be the right ones. And you're anything but selfish, my friend. Your family is blessed to have you.
One last note: since I wrote the book, I've been rich with dimes. The change compartment of my wallet is so full of them it weighs a ton and is tearing away from the frame. I find dimes everywhere. In my house. On the sidewalk. Everywhere I look all I see is dimes. So my next book will be about something larger than a dime. Much larger!
I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your post. I always wanted to know whether or not it was possible to manifest a lot of money quickly and I now know from your post that it IS possible! I just have to increase my vibration / energy.