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AUGUST 6, 2011 11:59AM

Million $ Lemonade Stand reveals surprising wealth secret

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There is a surprising secret for anyone who wants to be a millionaire in my new book, Million $ Lemonade Stand ($5.99 download at It has to do with what I call demonstrative forgiving. We all know we have to forgive and let go of any negative feelings we have about others who may have wronged us. But when seeking wealth, you have to take it one step farther and actually give to the person who took something, usually money or the equivalent of money, what that person took from you. This ultimate act of forgiving reverses the act and absolves the other person of all guilt. This is the ultimate act of forgivance. By giving what was taken from you to the person who took it you release an abundance from the universe that will far exceed anything you'll reap by giving to those who give to you. The act of forgiving is one of the powerful acts of love. Put that power to work to increase your wealth!

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That is an interesting theory. If I post a blog tomorrow from Paris, you'll know it worked for me!
I'm still on step two, but I did skip ahead and complete this step. I explain how in the book. Funny you mentioned Paris because when I posted this on Facebook, I said I'd be in a villa in the South of France once I complete all three steps!
I got the idea for this book from the commercial about the enterprising young girl who fantasizes about turning her lemonade stand into a mega-corporation. Well, checking to see if my book came up on a Google search of "million dollar lemonade stand" revealed that I'm not the only one using this as an iconic reference to entrepreneurship. There's actually a website. And, I assume, a fictitious corporation with a secret recipe revealed in Kitchen Scraps, an illustrated blog. There's also Alex's Million Dollar Lemonade Stand that seems to be doing quite well judging by the size of his donations! However, my book title Million $ Lemonade Stand does get one hit. This post! So, I guess at least part of my idea was original.
Just found this: "In 2004, an 8-year-old girl named Alex Scott raised $1 million to fund cancer research by selling lemonade. Scott unfortunately did not make it through her own battle with the disease, so her parents started the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The CBS Early Show reports that the foundation has now raised $30 million to support pediatric cancer research. Coming up June 11-13, the nonprofit will host Lemonade Days, a nationwide fundraiser."