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Observations From the Swamp Many folks think we live in the nether regions of the earth here in Toledo, Ohio. However, Toledo is the birthplace of jazz great, Art Tatum, not to mention many other distinguished and accomplished AfrAms (African-Americans) who often remain unheralded and unrecognized in their home town. This swamp is a petrie dish swarming with undiscovered talent that the world may never know because there are too many slimey creatures down here in the swamp pulling down anyone who tries to climb out and come out into the warmth of the sun. This diva climbed into the swamp with one purpose - to rid the world of slime!

JUNE 13, 2012 3:45AM

doGGod, mirror images

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My brother, James, had a boxer puppy he named Popeye. He now looks just like the one on "Saving Grace." Popeye grew a lot larger than James thought he would, so James was going to give him away. Then one day James started falling into a diabetic coma. Popeye kept nudging him, waking hiim up until James was able to get up and call for help.
When my brother was brutally robbed and murdered in his garage by a friend that dragged him into the backyard and left him, Popeye laid next to his body for seven hours until he was found. No one could get Popeye to leave James' side. My sister had to call one of James' actors that often took care of him when James was out of town. He physically picked Popeye up and took him home with him.
I have personally had many wonderful dogs. A collie I named Aziza ("Z"), the mysterious puppy that showed up in a co-worker's yard during a rainstorm and quickly outgrew her apartment that I named Spunky and cried hysterically when he mysteriously died at only ten months old, and Chewie, the best dog I ever had that was rescued at the age of two when he was given away because he didn't like children and died of old age fifteen years later. This is just the short list.
But the one dog that I'll always think was sent from heaven is Popeye. On "Saving Grace," God appeared in the form of a boxer that looked like Popeye's twin to give instruction to Grace's Last Chance Angel. He never "talked." He just sat there and the angel knew what He wanted him to do. I thought it was way cool to have God personified as humankind's best friend, doG, spelled backwards, God.

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Love it! God is supposed to be unconditional love that we are supposed to have faith in despite any evidence whatsoever. Dog is that love right here and now.
diva - reading of james always brings tears to my eyes. popeye sounds very special.

and i frequently typo god when i am meaning to write dog. and the other way around. there is something to it, if you ask me.
Sweet story, Diva. These flashes of remembering James still stab the heart. And Popeye - what a dog!
Beautiful post, Diva. I'm so sorry to learn what happened to your brother...what a heartbreaking, tragic loss. Thank goodness for Popeye, Spunky, Chewie, and all the other dogs who live with unconditional love and make life sweeter.
This story made me cry.. Popeye was an angel.
What a sad story. I'm so sorry about your brother. ... Popeye is special. R.
Thanks for all the beautiful comments! I forgot to mention the current dog in my life, my mother's half-Golden Retriever half-Chow, Bear. He's totally devoted to her and she to him..

Popeye is no longer with our actor frend who like me is much too busy to own a pet these days. He was given to a loving family. Hope they know how blessed they are!

I also had a Pomeranian that became my best friend's companion at the end of her life. We shared a house and I put the dogs out on a little porch on the side of the house before I went to work. The day she got too sick to stay at home any longer, I was trying to get Ashley, my dog, and Chewie, her dog, to go out. Ashley wouldn't go. My best friend called 911 & when they arrived Ashley was in her bed licking her face. She died seven weeks later and I inherited Chewie. He died on the third anniversary of her death. Ashley died a year later. She was fourteen. I haven't had a dog of my own since.