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From The Midwest

From The Midwest
North Carolina,
September 29
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FEBRUARY 9, 2009 9:57AM

Country sites in pictures along a Michigan road.

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These are photographs from one of my favorite side streets out in the country.
It's difficult to imagine that the landscape looked like this just a few months ago, warm, golden and bright. It was a good year for making hay. Three cuttings.

The blueberries have long been picked, dropped one-by-one into tin pails and baked into pies and cooked down into jams. The copper-red bushes in the background are like a crayon dragged across the snow.
On a zero-degree day, bins of dried corn glow as warmly as the sun itself.
It's been a cruel winter for outside creatures. Just the other day I watched a flatbed truck pass down the center of town with three dead cows. They probably froze to death.
Every wardrobe should have a little red. Winter shows it off best. I think barns are painted red because they are the heart of any farm.
Newer barns are metal and high tech. I like the older, wooden ones. They leave a fingerprint on the landscape.
Stacking wood is an art and this pile is a beauty. Wood heats you three times. First, when you cut it, then when you stack it, finally when you burn it.
If I veer south and drive two streets over, I arrive at the state park. I'm a sucker for any photograph with a path. This park has preserved the dune tundra. One summer I made the mistake of leaving the path to photograph fungii on a rotting log. It was so difficult climbing up, I pulled a muscle in my neck. Follow the path through the shadowy woods and you arrive . . .
. . . at a frozen Lake Michigan. It resembles a salt bed, the mound-like waves frozen in piles as far as the eye can see. It's eerie and quiet. Moonlike. Not a soul to be seen. How great is that?

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Wow! Is today photography day or something? First the stunning bird shots and now these winter scenes. Love it.
Just beautiful. But aww, where's Chalk? My favorite may be the barn picture or the one just of the siding.That last picture does look like salt beds -- there was a recent article in the NYT about the salt flats in Bolivia that had very similar shots.
Thanks, Boanerges1.

SmithBarney: Yes, I saw those pictures in the NYTimes. I almost added a picture of Chalk at the end, but I'm working on a separate story about him. Thanks for remembering.
Your pictures give such beauty to the midwest. Great pictures. Thank you!
Not only do I love the photos, but the captions are inspired.
gorgeous!!! and absolutely love your commentary!!!
Your comments are as good as the photos. Wonderful post.
Beautiful. The first picture made me want to be there, but when you started with the snow pics, I decided to admire your landscape from a distance.
Yes, I enjoy writing the captions. Thanks for all your comments.

Mary: The last few years we've noticed a definite trend with Europeans discovering the beauty of the Midwest, especially the the Great Lakes. They can't get enough.

High Lonesome: It's really not so bad. If you live along Lake Michigan like I do, the lake-effect snow is quite incredible and lovely. Even inspiring.
Again, awesome awesome photags. I've turned on my little floor heater; I swear, I have sympathy chills!
Connie, we actually had a warm spell over the weekend--it reached into the sunny 50's. Lots of flooding. But now it's cold and gray which I hate. I wish it would snow so everything would be white and bright!
Oh, these are gorgeous. Love your commentary, too. The part of Michigan where I grew up (Oakland County) used to look like this. Now it is all strip malls and big box stores, and acres of McMansions where the corn fields used to be. It breaks my heart every time I go back. Nice to know the whole state hasn't been ruined.
Lovely. Love the frozen lake.
Great photos! Really enjoyed them, especially since Michigan is one of the only states I've never visited. Thanks!
voicegal: yes, the frozen lake is spectacular, especially when it begins to thaw in the spring. Huge waves splash against the dislodged bergs spaying water tens of feet into the air.

Amy: You don't know what you're missing. Michigan is a really a jewel. And so diverse. It just breaks my heart to see in floundering economically and so many people moving away.
I've never been to Michigan. I think many of us assume it's all one big Detroit, yet people I know who are from there who have described all of its beauty.

I also like the old wooden barn doors which seem to be such an elegant fingerprint on the landscape. I like older building, currently living in a renovated adobe casita which dates to the 1880s or 1890s. I think some of us are old souls who fit more comfortably in more historical surroundings. That might be why New Mexico is a good fit for me.

Thank you for sharing these photos. They are truly lovely. I also like your cat in the avatar as it looks like a cross between my two kitties.
Renaissance Lady: Michigan is a very diverse state, an attribute I admire about it. Soon I will posting several stories about my cat, Chalk. He was feral and I'm quite proud of him. He's come a long, long way. I never considered myself a cat person, now I'd be lost without him.
Thank you. I grew up in Michigan. Your photos and words make me homesick...and then, it is in the 70's here (NC) for the third day in a row.. and maybe I'll put off visiting Dad for just another six weeks or so.
Beautiful. Thanks.
grif: my sister lives in NC. She cried when she had to move from Chicago to there, but now she rarely returns. Memories are always warm, no matter how cold the picture. Hang onto them.
On the other side of the lake, but that looks like home. Sorry about the cows though :(
I love your pictures and commentary. Is that lake/park near Saugatuck? My partner and I stayed a weekend there last year about this time and that was my first look at Lake Michigan (so far). I was in awe and hope to go back in the summer as well as explore the UP!
I love Michigan!!! The winter helps you truly appreciate the other seasons. I am like you-if it's going to be cold let it snow. It makes it magical.
Thank you for this. I was born and grew up in Michigan, though I'm now living in China... pictures like this make me miss home!
I really enjoy your photo blogs. I think you could bring out the beauty in a landfill! Well done.
pictures are worth a thousand words....and your words are worth their weight.

loved your captions, loved the pics.

more. want.
I really enjoyed this photo essay. Thanks. Hard to pick a favorite.
Lake Michigan. My favorite place in the world. But I've never seen it in winter. Didn't know about the wave-cones. What causes them to form?