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From The Midwest

From The Midwest
North Carolina,
September 29
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JANUARY 11, 2012 10:48AM

The View from My Window-and probably yours, too-Chemtrails

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 There is nothing "normal" about the photographs below.

Just take a quick glance.  

These are not made from people "leaving on a jet plane" with passengers snuggly belted into their seats eagerly awaiting and anticipating loved ones and important destinations. Those planes leave behind plumes called "con-trails," water-vapor trails from the heat of the engine as it mixes with the colder upper atmosphere causing ice crystals that dissipate quickly. Harmlessly. Within seconds.

 The "jet trails" from the planes below don't disappear. In fact, they widen out and spread. Eventually, they cover miles and miles of sky. Yes, miles. City-wide. But from our vantage on the ground, it only appears inches.

It's quite clever. You look up and don't think twice. Clouds. Jet trails. But they're not clouds or normal jet trails. The emission isn't water vapor. It's chemical, hence their common name, "chemtrails."

The less offensive term is "geoengineering." And it's a big business, that includes the government and big corporations. It's also a topic the media repeatedly and overtly ignores. Nor is it confined to the United States. It involves Canada and parts of Europe, too.

What we do know is that chemtrails contain huge amounts of aluminum dissipated as nano particles. Tons! Yes, MILLIONS of tons are deliberately and  systematically sprayed in our skies everyday. We don't know the agenda. And the government denies any of it. Why would tons of nano particles of aluminum, along with barium, be systematically sprayed over our skies to literally rain on us?

And, often, that is what literally happens after days of spraying. Rain. Streams, soil, rivers are literally infected with a substance that doesn't go away. And, of course, humans ingest it in forms of drinking water and food. After days of heavy spraying, emergency rooms are often crowded with patients suffering respiratory problems. Are you scared, yet? You should be. The consequences are nothing less than horrific.



I took these photographs last week. About an hour or so before I snapped the photograph above, the sky was clear and blue. You can see the grid of chemtrails and what happens as they spread. This is miles wide. And it happens in several towns over, and then several towns over from that town and so on, all carried by the wind.

When we grew up, these weren't in the skies. The only thing that shot out plumes of "smoke" were the neighborhood trucks spraying for mosquitoes in our subdivision. We often followed them playing in the DDT plumes. And we all now know about DDT.



The trails here in NC  have two time periods. They often begin around 9-10:00 a.m. and then again around 2-4:00 p.m. Lately, they have been criss-crossing each other and creating large "grids" in the sky. In the late afternoon, most approach from the setting sun. I have to wonder what they are "measuring" not to mention what they are "releasing." One theory is that the satellites measure the "axis" of cross chemtrails.



An obvious "grid." Grids mean measurement. What is being measured? Pole shift?



I've seen a lot of trails like the one above. Notice the white plume of the jet is following a faded "blue line" of a jet that just came before. Jets often fly the same path over and over. And they often do wide U-turns and circle back. Jets and cargo planes don't do that.

The other day I watched this occurence and the fading "plume" was huge which I interepreted as a mixing of chemicals or whateve it is they are spraying/releasing.

A day later while I was at work, ten miles away, I took these shots of chemtrails:


One of the best things you can to alert the public is quite simply to look up and point out these trails to others. Most have no idea. And that includes Congress. 




WhenI walked outside from work and looked up, I saw this huge, ominous dense plume in the sign of a cross. One of the last Hopi prophecies before "the Earth is cleansed" is that it will be covered in spider webs. When I look up, that's exactly what I see, a giant spider web. I feel caught and powerless.  



 Often, jets seem to come from wherever the sun is. Not sure why. 

This phenomenon makes me really nervous. Whatever it is, I'm sure the government will say "it's for our own good" like they did for DDT. If it is, then tell us what you are spraying and why. Ostensibly, it's to reflect the sun's heat to reduce global warming. But our government doesn't believe in global warming. But the military does believe in controlling the weather.

Here's a NASA satellite photo showing widespread chemtrails. For more satellite photographs, click here: What are they? |



Below are two videos about chemtrails that I found informative.

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up - YouTube

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) - YouTube 

Don't stop looking up! 

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P.S. And guess who pays for it? Yep, you, the taxpayer!
As PT Barnum once said, "theres a sucker born every minute".

No there weren't these trails in the sky when you were a kid, because there weren't thousands of jet planes crossing the sky!
Now thats a scary view and a frightening message. Apparently they are saving us from over heating at this ti,e. Oh this world scary.
You are more observant than most of us. I haven't seen such patterns in the sky and I often walk with my head up in the clouds, so to speak. The implications are truly disturbing; I'll pay more attention. Thanks, Gary.
Gary, thank you for this most informative post. -R-
I had no idea.. I think I will look closer now.
I love things like this.
Well done.
Good post, I see these quite often as I am in a rural area and they stand out against the horizon. My family home is right near the airport and looks like the grid you showed, you feel as if the plane is going to land in your yard. I never thought about the chemicals. Many in my home town have had all types of cancer, the rate is much higher there than other places. Interesting and scary.
Fuckers... watching the bottom vid Gary
Kenny: the only "sucker" is you.

Algis: Yes, frightening, especially since we are powerless.

FusunA: Keep an eye out. Sometimes their aren't any for ages and then BANG! All-of-a-sudden there will be tons for days.

Christine: Would be interesting to see if you have them in your part of the woods.

Linda: At first, I honestly thought they were clouds. Then I spotted a picture somewhere on the Internet of the grids and I started searching from there.

Rita: That's interesting since it mimics/re-inforces other parts of the country.

tr ig: Well put! In that second vid. I was amazed that our Congress knew so little or even cared . What's going on in this country????
Amazing Air Views From Your Window! Surprisingly, I actually live in the western suburbs of the Midwest in Illinois and...I have a similar view of air trailing smoke in the skies, as well, especially during 2012.
I've known the word "contrails" but have not seen it presented as "chemtrails". I'll be interested later to look into this more.
The old contrails were from deionized water that was used as thrust augmentation fluid to get the big birds off the ground. Today's jets do not use it. These formations are something else.

Capt. Zumalicious USAF
Sheila: Nor did I!

GHung: It's my understanding that most of the these trails were in the Western states until recently, so it makes sense.

alsoknownas: Be prepared for what you learn. It will blow your mind.

Captain Zumalicious: Welcome aboard . . . . fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride . . .
You got me going on this. I just started and found a wealth of articles here:

Good grief, there are university programs, whole corporations, years of this stuff.

And not one drop of media attention. It is all about the tea party.
Watching the first video. Very articulate and conscionable speaker.

covert Geo-engineering ...
of all things in heaven and earth
Zum: YES! And it's all done without government oversight or the consent of the governed-- "the people." And if this is being done.... what else is being done against us???? That's what really scares me. We and our government are just pawns for what Eisenhower warned us against--the military-corporate complex.
Scarlett: Yes, she's great. Calm and deliberate. Thank you so much for tuning in.
From Th Midwest. I was reading You earlier.

I agree. The comment would not leave the scroll.

I had followed Rita Shibr. She was on the Feed.

Then I had to make up new curse words. Kerry?

I look into the nigh skies and see 800 pound thigh.

It's Kerry. He needs to read Mythology Field Guide.

I was given a book. Watch Your Back To Spot Demon.
Learn ti Identify Subversive Spirits and What To Do.
Authors are Mother/Daughter - Carol K. Mack and:
Dinah Mack.
A Field Guide to Demons:Fairies, Fallen Angels, and
Subversive Spirits.
Thanks for research.
I thank you for comment.
I lost a comment and say hi.
I'll send this off. Thanks`gin.

( I have only browsed the book)
"Then I had to make up new curse words. Kerry?"

Great line.... Be careful, you might be banned from EP's and cover like I am . . .
I really like the fact that we are paying for whatever it is that is harming us.
Oh, good grief... am I the only one here who has taken the trouble to actually run down these so-called "chemtrail" claims and find out they are complete nonsense?

No, more than merely nonsense, they really constitute an elaborate and deeply weird hoax. When you dig far enough back you start running into references to humanoid reptiles from outer space teaming up with the Illuminati's crack team of international bankers to enslave humankind, etc., etc., etc. Be sure to wear your tinfoil hat, because this stuff glows in the dark.

And no matter how hard you look you will not find any credible research which has been validated by the scientific community that ANY of this is real.

Contrails are a well known and harmless phenomenon of flying, nothing more than water vapor or ice crystals in the air, formed when air temperature and pressure and humidity fit certain conditions and an airplane travels through it. Seriously.
OK, you shouldn't have to do nearly as much research as I've done to bust this craziness, so let me point you in a couple of the right directions to get started...

GC - "Those planes leave behind plumes called "con-trails," water-vapor trails from the heat of the engine as it mixes with the colder upper atmosphere causing ice crystals that dissipate quickly. Harmlessly. Within seconds." FALSE. Under the right weather conditions the contrails can linger for long periods, hours even, and spread into miles-wide clouds.

GC - "What we do know is that chemtrails contain huge amounts of aluminum dissipated as nano particles. Tons!" FALSE. Other versions claim it's barium, or somesuch other crud, but despite all the claims we're not swimming in this stuff, and in fact legitimate researchers can't find any trace of it.

GC - "When we grew up, these weren't in the skies." FALSE. I'm pretty sure I'm older than you and they absolutely were in the skies where I grew up in the midwest. Just not as many, but that was also before there were so many planes in the air (right Kenny?) Matter of fact, they were one of the things that fascinated me so much as a kid that I eventually became a pilot.

There's much, much more, but that should get you pointed in the right direction... proof... there's no proof for any of this hoax.
Yeah, I've been watching these for years but people just laugh, of course they laughed when I talked for years about the coming recession so perhaps they'll believe it eventually.

It's late so I haven't watched the vids you put up so I'm not sure if you're aware of the Space Preservation Act of 2001 presented by Dennis Kuchinich. I espectially like Section 3 PERMANENT BAN ON BASING OF WEAPONS IN SPACE. I like that idea a lot, too bad Congress doesn't share my likes. Sec. 7 (Definitions) lists chemtrails under exotic weapons.

From Section 7 "(C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space."

Heaven only knows what these demons are up to, it can't be less than monstrous because if it was they'd be crowing about it. Who knows if the planet will recover from whatever they're doing.

Here's the link from THOMAS at The Library of Congress if you want to do a follow up post, the Bill is short and scary. I haven't the heart anymore. Thanks for the post.
David: I'm quite confident in my concern over chemtrails. The irony is that you live in Hawaii where chemtrails are abundant and doing harm to native crops. You need look no further than your own backyard.
l'Heure Bleue: Yes, I'm aware of it. And, yes, I agree with you about our planet. How much more can it take, honestly? We've lost control of our government.
GC - "The irony is that you live in Hawaii where chemtrails are abundant and doing harm to native crops." FALSE. In fact the atmospheric monitoring in Hawai'i, especially from the Mauna Kea observatory, refutes the chemtrail hoax.

But it does show that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere increased again last year, as it has every year for decades. If you want to get upset about something, that's a real problem that 97-98% of the scientific community agrees upon.