From the Midwest

From The Midwest

From The Midwest
North Carolina,
September 29
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Former English teacher-artist from the Midwest and just another statistic of "The Great Recession." Life goes on . . .


FEBRUARY 29, 2012 9:17AM

My New Poem, "Ode to Joy"

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Ode To Joy

I'm getting old.
My body

Hurts. A kink 
In the neck--

Fingers, stiff.
The arch of my left foot

Often aches like
 My lower back.

Sometimes the hips
Need a tin-man sip

Of oil
From too much toil.

And I can't erase
This red rash off my face!

My ears ring
And sing--

Up with that?

So, some days--
I daze

In bed with the cat
For quiet naps.

I'm getting old.
I leave behind the world

And its wranglings
That have strangled

For so long.
For so long.

Dreams of gold
Rescind and fade--

A fatal dose.
Penny-memories I savor most.

For so long we are lost.

It's not until we understand
The end that we are found--

To hear the loveliest of music
That has no sound.
© 2012, Gary T. Czerwinski 

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When Beethoven wrote his Ninth Symphony, "Ode to Joy," he was stone deaf . . .
I savour the penny memories the most too, Gary. I love you "Ode to Joy". It's joy well earned.
FusunA: I never tire of hearing it either...

Jane: Thanks for asking about Chalk . . . he's such an interesting cat/companion. He's older than I thought when he first appeared on my doorstep. He's becoming very domestic and sleeps more and more like a real cat. He doesn't wander very far anymore. And he meows to be picked up and held . . which he just started. Will try to do one poem a week . . . thanks!
First, beautiful poem Gary. Second, are you getting enough water in you diet????:)
tg: Thanks. Does wine count?
Really lovely poem, the wisdom spoke beautifully to me. All that glitters is not gold. With age I care less and less about pomp and now treasure simply living, or living simply.
Bleue: Yep! And that includes of getting rid of "stuff!" Thanks for reading . . .
Gary: this was great.. this made my morning
Penny-memories I savor most????

You remember stuff??:)

Gary, what a beautiful, truthful poem. I'm taking one of those restful days myself. I cooked for many last night and now I'm just plain tired...with aching muscles. R
This is a very peaceful poem Gary.
I love that you are content and have Chalk to keep you company.
Looking forward to your next one.
I find this to be quite moving - even when it hurts to move.
Linda: hahahaha . I remember most of my past and childhood--all good even the bad . . .

Christine: People don't realize that cooking can be taxing to the body ... standing, repetitive motions . . . never mind the calories . . . lol...
enjoy your rest.

Sarah: Thank-you. A great couplet!
Aging is not for the faint of heart.
Chrissie: yes and no . . . it is who we are as a species . . .
Do not hasten the inevitable my friend. In this world everything that is born must someday die, but stick around for another year or so and you just may see something magnificent.
Jack: I plan on doing just that . . . the countdown is on!