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Laura LaBlanc

Laura LaBlanc
ST. Paul, Minnesota, USA
March 18
Laura LaBlanc launched FullThought, LLC in 2007. From her extensive facilitation work, she has developed a strong faith in the genius of different thoughts, cultures and life experiences – and has seen firsthand the transformative power that multiple voices can bring to problems big and small. FullThought can help one conversation at a time.


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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 8:22PM

Visionary, Strategic and Collaborative Action

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A few FullThought notes about visionary, strategic and collaborative leadership:

1) Vision: It's never about us. It's about our vision. What is our vision for the world that informs our work? How well can we clearly articulate our vision?

2) Vision: What are the assumptions that frame our vision?

3) Vision: Who are we? What are we ready for? What is unique about us that appears in all we do?

4) 10,000 Voices: We must know intimately the stories of those that inform and guide us. Who are these people? What are their stories? What are they telling us?

5) Strategy: What is your understanding of the core of the issue? Be inspired by the big picture but don't get lost there. What would be critical victories? Pile them up one after the other.

6) Strategy: What are your guiding principles? What plan do you have for coordinated action?

7) Allies:  Our allies must be an ever expanding pool. Who shares our vision? Who is also working toward a common end? Whose skills and partnership do we need? What are the visions of our allies and how can we get behind them?

8) Opposition: We must have a keen grasp of the forces that oppose us. There is wisdom in the point of view they bring to the table. Do we see and understand this wisdom?

9) Opposition: Who is defending another vision? What is their vision? What are the assumptions that frame their vision? Do you know them and how to make the holes and myths in their assumptions visible?

10) Opposition: What forces within us work against us? Are we facing fear or drawing unintentionally from ego?

11) We’re not super heroes, we’re human. We are stronger when we bring laughter, tears and hope on the journey.

12) With a clear vision we don't need to be courageous. We're tenacious. It's stronger.

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With a clear vision we don't need to be courageous. We're tenacious. It's stronger.
There is a quotable quote in that one. I for one shall hold on to that thought. Makes sense. Common sense.
Thank you. That was one of those on the spot moments of something coming through me unexpected...I kept looking at a previous sentence I had there...something akin to Steven Covey on courage...and I had this persistent feeling it was hollow.