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AUGUST 24, 2011 5:31PM

Google Doodles J.L.Borges

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Jorge Luis Borges 

Had the Argentine poet, philosopher, and writer, Jorge Luis Borges lived long enough, he'd be celebrating his 112th birthday today. Instead, if you turned on your Google page, you will have seen an homage paid by the giant search engine to the man whose work is considered to be ahead of his times for someone who lived way before digital computers.

Borges was born in Buenos Aires in 1899. He moved to Switzerland with his family and his parents taught him at home until he was 11. With a large home library at his disposal, Borges learned to speak many languages. He became known best for his writing about animals, dreams, fictional writers, labyrinths, libraries, religion, and God. His most famous stories were: "The Aleph," "The House of Asterion," "The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths," and "The Secret Miracle."

He never received a Nobel Prize for his work and he once joked that, "Not granting me the Nobel Prize has become a Scandinavian tradition; since I was born they have not been granting it to me."

Although he contributed much to science fiction, he was unable to support himself as a writer. He followed a career as lecturer and professor of literature, teaching at the University of Buenos Aires. One of his short stories, "Emma Zunz," was made into a film under the name "Dias di Odio" (Days of Hate)  in 1954. By the late 1950’s, Borgess had lost his sight completely, but continued to write with the help of his mother, to whom he was very close.

Jorge Luis Borges died in Geneva, Switzerland, in June 1986.


Google's tribute to Borges's 112th birthday

" />


The Google Doodle shows a complex scene of an aging man overlooking great architecture from behind glass. Upon studying the illustration closer one sees a library on the right, and images from “The Garden of Forking Paths,” a short story of his in which Borges describes the future in multiple ways.

Google celebrated other well-known personalities and occasions, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Tchaikovsky,  Jules Verne, first man in space, Shakespeare, famous inventions and celebrations with cleverly penned doodles. Personally, I enjoy marking and studying such occasions remembered through the perception of Google artists and collect a copy of each writer, composer, philanthropist and important event in a folder on my hard drive. Here are a few examples.

 june 21_2011_summer solstice

Summer Solstice 2011

Gregor Mendel_189 birthday 

Gregor Mendelson's 189th birthday


Martha Graham 117 birthday 

Martha Graham's 117th birthday


 World Cup Finale 2010


170th birthday of Tchaikovsky

 400 anniversary of Gallileo's telescope

400th year of Galileo's telescope

birthday of H

Birthday of H.G. Wells 

first man in space 

First man in space 


Google celebrates Chinese Internet censorship 

Google marks Chinese Internet censorship

Google applauds pseudoscience 

Google applauds Pseudoscience


josef frank-happy birthday 2010 

Happy birthday Joseph Franz


Google_12th _birthday 

Google's 12th birthday



The Guardian

Christian Science Monitor



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I know, collecting Google doodles is an odd hobby. . .
Google Doodles are the best. The best I think was the Pac-Man one, where you could actually play Pac-Man!! :D
Excellent and informative....again.
Google aside, this was a very informative article that taught me about a man I knew next to nothing about. The EP is well deserved.
I did not even know that Google did doodles. Thanks for sharing and for this wonderful tribute to a magnificent poet, philosopher and writer.
rated with love
I wonder who the illustrators are? Great post and congrats on the EP!
Great Post and EP all the way~~
Do you have the one they did for Martha Graham? It was just wonderful.

I didn't know that they were called Google doodles, so I learned something new today, along with some great information about a writer I knew nothing about before.
I really enjoyed this. I'll have to read some of his work. The Google doodles are great.
I nevre knew much either.. But now I do and congrats on the EP
Wow. I have been rereading (browsing) Jorges Luis Borges book:

"The Aleph and Other stories."

Wendell Berry's guitar Friend reads J.L Borges. I'll spend quality time here later when I am at a high speed hooker's Place. tease. Nature has me a monk.

Of all the world worries and cares?
I am free. A glass of 'Merry Monk'`
Easton, PA beer is enough for me.

Wow - how ephemeral and literary.
What a gift to read. Thanks Fusan A.
He is so wild/tame. He's si Imaginative.
This is gonna be a ming blow. Whoopee!
Thanks for this, Fusun, I didn't know. I've read some of his work, and am glad that google saw fit to recognise him.
Thanks -- I haven't read much of his work -- must look for more. Reminds me -- I was talking with a friend who did not know that she knew of Peer Gynt. But when I found youtube versions of Hall of the Mountain King and Anitra's Dance, she knew them from cartoons of her youth. We are educating our youth in ways that they don't know they are learning -- they are watching cartoons. Learning should always be fun like that.
I love google doodles. I saw this one today and wondered who he was but didn't have time to look it up. Thanks for posting this! And congratulations on the EP!
Oh, I don't know if it's odd, Fusun. I'm always amused to see what they come up with! I like your collection, so far.

I also like Jorge Luis Borges' attitude toward the Nobel Prize; Humor and an unspoken "That's not why I write" message. It don't know if it's more sad or reassuring to realize even he needed a steady job to make a living.

Happy Birthday, Jorge.

Nice that you singled out Borges for this post Fusun. I first heard of him in a remarkable interview that took a full chapter of Paul Theroux's wonderful travel book The Old Patagonian Express. He also compared Britain and Argentina in the Falklands/Malvinas war to two bald men fighting over a comb.
I wonder why Google does not give an explanation or at least the name of the person or occasion they are honouring. I usually figure it out, but I am not familiar with Jorge Luis Borges so this Google doodle meant nothing to me. Thank you for enlightening me.
I've always loved Borges. I think his gaining international literary fame opened the door to so many other Latin American writers being translated into dozens of languages & also being read around the world. I'm thinking of Asturias, Garcia Marquez, Cortazar, Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Alejo Carpentier, Jorge Amado, Gabriela Mistral, Vargas Llosa, and dozens of younger ones whose work I haven't read yet and may never get to. A more critical portrait of Borges is in V.S. Naipaul's long essay "The Return of Eva Peron". The world of Latin American literature is wonderous, diverse, and deep and Borges remains a key figure and an interesting pioneer to start with. Rated.
I just love the creativity of companies like Google and Apple. Our best hope.
I'm delighted to read this. Saw the doodle but was too busy to study it. Now I know. Thank you!
...and how much his work is a literary parallel to the graphics of MC Escher. This 'doodle' is like a two for one...
I had missed most of these; thank you for presenting them, Fusun. I remember the first time I read Borges The Garden of Forking Paths: I didn't understand it and it was stunning at the same time.
And now we know. Of course you can always google the google. As seen on TV.:D
Thanks for this interesting & colorful post, FusunA! :)
I love Google Doodle. Fascinating post, Fusun. Congrats on the EP. -R-
Very cool, Fusun. I wasn't even aware of Google Doodles. They are a lot of fun.

Beyond fascinating! For me, the old saying, "You learn something new everyday" certainly applies here. Thanks for the enlightening!
Fusun, how nice of you! Thanks for adding Martha!
Thank you to all who visited this post and commented. There isn't much I could say in individual replies on a fun and fanciful topic like this, except that I'm glad some share my interest, and others have learned something new. ♥
You are a such a wonderful font Fusun! How come I never knew about Goggle doddles? Excellent read and great showpiece display ~ you keep me informed!
Smiling for more reasons that one just now, dear Fusun.

One being that it is just SO WONDERFUL to see you're back! Another is for the consummate, inspirational teacher that you are. And another because you got an EP! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Just wonderful ... absolutely wonderful!
Noddin' to the EP... well done, FunsunA

Oh your good. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and wondered what it meant. Now I know thanks to you and more....
These are really neat, I love the humor in China's cencorship!!! = - }
Interesting and I love those Google doodles too!!
Cool post! Good to have you back, too.
I always love to see how Google can interpret a special anniversary or event with a clever logo!
Thanks, I would never have thought to do this. I wonder how much of Borges literature has been translated from Spanish to English. This is a Sci-Fi writer with whom I am completely unfamiliar. R
Google doogles- uh, doodles! One of the countless ways the Internet informs, entertains, detains, consumes, intrudes, frees. . . and endlessly distracts us from whatever else is floating through our minds. A fun post, Fusun!
This is educational, informative and highly entertaining! Thank you, Fusun! R
Fusun, like you, I also collect the Google Doodles! Sometimes I have to do a screen save of the whole page when it is an animation such as the Google guitar page this summer that one could play notes on. Thanks very much for the interesting background on Borges--I had saved the doodle but didn't have a chance to read about him at the time he was featured on Google.
Love the doodles!!! Great to see you and this delightful post!
Interesting bio of Borges. And a nice collection of Google Doodles--but the only woman I spotted is Martha Graham. Are women mostly overlooked ?
I luv this refreshing and interesting post. Thank you!