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DECEMBER 19, 2011 12:18AM

Seeing eyes

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seasons greetings2011

This enchanted, home-made greeting card has a very fascinating story  which came about last week when, after having lived for a quarter of a century in this house, I noticed something that I had never seen before on the brick fireplace in the room.

Follow me, please, on the birth of my post-impressionist painting inspiration, whose concept is based on one of the bricks seen below. The second vertical from the left.

  eye in the brick-1    eye in the brick-3

I saw eyes staring from the bricks of my fireplace,

And I looked closely at the first, then the second one from the left ~

There may even be a third.  All appear the same ~ except

Each varies a tad in a more defining shade.

My stare is caught in the middle; then leftward it does  traverse 

When you see it, I know it will not leave your sight~

I know 'tis an optical illusion - for it's definitely not a delusion~

 Like me, if you look carefully ~ the iris of the eye forms a heart  !


 Infra-redded  ~  Pixelated 


 Upper right quarter of a face with blue eyes ~ soon


Turned up side down ~ resembles a rising Blue Moon.

blue moon rising

Blue Moon Rising~©f.a


All words, images, and art work derived from the forementioned are copyrighted works of

~ Füsun Atalay ~

♥ ♥ ♥

seasons greetings2011


Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2011

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For Romantic Poetess, who inspires me with her words, images and the kindness of her heart. With best wishes to all who visit, read, comment, rate. Happy holidays and the best in 2012!
Once again, the eyes have it! Your HEARTh has heart!

Seeing eyes indeed- now you must weave a story about how they got there- to go with the beautiful images.
Intriguing! Your talents are numerous, lady. Happy New Year to you, too, Fusun.

Fusun, you are very observant to have noticed this and thanks for sharing it! I remember seeing the Old Man of the Mountain in NH years ago and how much that did look like an old man. I am always interested to see forms in nature that look like a person, animal, or other familiar object!
It was a pleasant relief (actually, are there ever the less than pleasant kinds?) to find that you'd come up with a blue moon Fusun. I was worried it would be a virgin Mary apparition, which considering that there were no drawings of her in her lifetime, or subsequently by anyone who would have seen her, makes it even more mysterious that she can now be identified in rocks, stains and foodstuffs.

I liked the curiosity of this post.
One with a heart as real and true as yours, sees heart in all things. I see yours and know I am blessed for it.
I see it! You find beauty everywhere, Fusun.
That is imagination!! I see it too. Beautiful colors.
I do see it, Fusun, and it's lovely. Merry Christmas to you. -R-
Interesting indeed. I'd also be curious, to see what it looks like when heated from behind by a burning fire!
Have a great holiday season and happy new year.
Eye am so glad Eye saw this....Merry & Happy!
I would love to hear your story regarding their origin, too. I'm already thinking pixies and trolls.
Different but intriguing. Rated with a Jali Smile of course. :-)
FusunA! This is wonderful! r.
The eyes have it and so does your heart, Fusun!

Merry Christmas, my dear and wonderful friend.
This is fantastic. I love when imagination has a field day like this.
A novel idea and clever wordplay.
Esteemed Colleague, it is perceptive people such as yourself who pick up on such subtle things and imbue them with such meaning. I love the pictures!
Very curious and interesting. ;-)
One of the joys of a photographic eye (which I know you have) is how the world can offer mirrors of the soul. Here we see, in a new and intriguing way, the love and kindness of your heart. Always generous and kind. I'm glad you shared this and wish you a warm and happy holiday season.
Beautiful. Brick by brick. Wishing you all the joys and senses of the season and a happy, healthy New Year.
The spirit of the hearth keeps you company. Lovely!
I am certainly glad that you explained that they are "eyes". When I saw the first photos, I thought it was a belly-button!!

Spectacular collage of colors! Thank you for this lovely greeting. Rated.
Very interesting - usually people see shapes in the fire that's IN the fireplace, not in the bricks around it! The next time I'm at a home that has a fireplace, I will definitely see it in a new light!

Happy Holidays to you, too! I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year. May your 2012 be full of warmth, health, love, and light.
Wonderful! I love to look for images in stone and wood.
I'll be studying bricks now for hidden massages. :) Happy Holidays!
So, at the risk of sounding like a sycophant, these are absolutely amazing images.
Only an artist's eye can make magic...you are inspirational dear lady!
wow... this one has a very beautiful mystic tone to it that I just love... thanks.. and yes.. those eyes are staring right at cha!.. showing you the right path to the unknown... so full of posibilites..
Rated with love

*nodding and now I want a cup of straight hot black no sugar Colombian coffee* Cheer darling
You are creativity and imagination all tied up in a bright red bow and given as a gift to your readers.
That is so cool! Blue Moon, just once~
How can you unsee those eyes? Do you now feel watched all the time? I hope they are benevolent beings. It seems to me they are.
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I don't smoke. Rarely. Barack Obama smoke `Kools?
I hear he smells up the White House. Michelle kicks?
She insist that Barack smoke Red Marlboro on roof?
He may smoke 100,000 'Kools with visitor on roof?
James M.E. and Tom Cordle disagree. Tom ne puff.
I always ask smoker (they are fun) to read T.Cordell.
Honest. Smoker breath smells like Camel breath odor.
I wish we could lobby for no meatball breath in USA.
Isn't there a Surgeon General who can` WARN USA?
I will recommend this post to nice healing therapist.
This deserves more time to gaze and enjoy the hues.
@ Mary: Only you could play with words like this.

@Token: I may just follow up on your suggestion. Thank you.

@ Lezlie: Happy holidays to you, my dear lady.

@ Designanator: I'm so glad you stopped by, John. I was hoping this might interest creative spirits like yours.

@ Abrawang: No apparitions, just what is there through my interpretation. I was stunned myself upon noticing them, and decided to play around with the photos I took.

@ Cathy: The sentiments are mutual, my friend, who shares her heart with us all.

@ Miguela: I'm delighted that someone like you sees it too.

@ Zanelle: Your artistry inspires me, and I thank you for seeing art in my perception.

@ Christine: Thanks for your encouraging comment.

@ Out on a Limb: Those bricks are part of the frame, they don't look different when heated by a burning fire. Happy holidays and best for the new year.

@ Algis: You too, my artist friend !

@ Phyllis: Your story idea sounds far better than mine - because I don't even have one yet. Who knows where the imagination can lead?

@ Jali: A Jalie smile is what made my day. Thank you.

@ Jonathan: Merci beaucoup.

@ Kate: Merry Christmas to you too, my wonderful, sensitive gem of a friend. The hearts always have it. That's what poets like you give voice to in your wonderful ways.

@ Lorraine: I love imagination at large too and seek it like phototrophic organism seeks its sustenance.

@ D. White: Thank you for your perceptiveness.

@ Paul Fornale: Esteemed Colleague, your visit and comment honor me. Happy holidays.

@ Lisa Bishop: Thank you for dropping by and your kind words. I enjoy your writing much.

@ Spike: It takes a kind heart to seek out and appreciate one. Thank you for the beauty of your words which you've been sharing in your exquisite poetry.

@ Vivian: I also wish you all the joys and senses of the season. All the best in the New Year.

@ Linnnn: Well said. Thank you.

@ Sky: I say po-ta-to; you say poe-tay-toe. Art is subjective, n'est ce pas?

@ Erica: Pleasure of sharing is all mine, thank you friend.

@ Alysa: Following a wonderful holiday season, may your 2012 be full of warmth, health, love, and light, too.

@ Ande: Me too. Thanks for your visit. All the best.

@ Blind dream : It has that effect, doesn't it. Opened my eyes. :o)

@ Bobbot: You will never sound like a sycophant. You see, appreciate and express your honest opinion. For which, I'm delighted. Happy holidays and all the best to you in 2012, my friend.

@ Buffy: You cannot hide behind your red nose and forget your own magic. You are inspirational too, lady!

@ Mauricio: ". . . showing you the right path to the unknown... so full of possibilities.. ~ what a beautiful and wise remark. Thank you, dear Friend. May your possibilities be many and fulfil your most cherished hopes!

@ Sarah: You are very kind dear Friend, in accepting it. The very best to you.

@ Scanner: Why not? A blue, indigo, bright moon of good change and calm in the new year is what the world needs.

@ Bellwether: I regard them as benevolent eyes, and they don't bother me as much as they intrigue me. The fireplace is all brick in a room with cathedral ceiling - I'm just wondering what else I may discover in the future.

@ Art James: No one can say it like you do.
how delightful to find something new, in the old and familiar. It can be like that with people in our lives too. I love the blue moon rising, because I love the idea of rising. I rise. I rise. I rise.
You are one beautiful human being; you cannot hide it if you wanted. Happy Holidays, Fusun. R
Thanks for steering me toward this site. It is truly said that reality is in the eye of the beholder. . .and the ear of the behearer.
So sorry I missed this when you first post it.
It is such a lovely personal look at an ordinary object
and you have found a muse to bring the feelings it gave you
into words that are sublime
I am so happy if I inspired you
it is my goal to have everyone here
write at least one poem in 2012
Thanks for giving us all inspiration
in so many ways
and now with your poem
rated with love
very cool! and a bit eerie!
"When you see it, I know it will not leave your sight~"...

What a sweet surprise, to see something old through new eyes.
I love the enhanced images as well!
Very cool. Happy Holidays to you too!!
@ Mime: Thank you Sharon! Keep on rising, we might meet somewhere near the Blue Moon.

@ Thoth: Same back at you, Friend!

@ hyblean julie: All the best to you, dear one.

@ John A: Thank you for visiting and commenting.

@ Poetess: I'm happy you read. Thank you !

@ Angelkisses: A bit eerie indeed; I agree.

@ Barb Allee: I'm amazed at what enhancing the images could do. Thank you.

@ Sheila: Thank you for your artistic endorsment. All the best to you!
Oh, Fusun, I love this. I see all manner of things in the wood of my house, and I wonder if spirits live in there. And love the take on, .. seeing as how there WERE no drawings of the Blessed Virgin...
Hahaa. She showed up in a grilled cheese sandwich that sold on eBay for 26,000. Gal gets around! Love what you did to the pics. Clever girl, you are. R. Merry Merry Holidays to you as well.
How wonderful to have friendly eyes watching over you.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful woven images, Fusun. Happy New Year!
Amazing! First shadows on Zanelle's post, then eyes in the bricks here...