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January 12
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JANUARY 11, 2012 2:23PM


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This is the world we see from our windows.

When it rains, we're grateful to be indoors ~

1-Selim _ Nov 3-06

Watching bluejays in early spring


and other little friends who visit


some keep us company while we eat -


When winter's first snow falls.


It sparkles on the climbing ivy


The bare branches cradle it

5 -snow on iron

Art weaves through every surface and hole

4-view from indoors

Outdoors look inviting for a stroll

6-Tillemonda dogru

Soon Montréal's snow becomes a burden, too  tall

7 - karsi taraf kose

Hiding driveways and cars in between its mounds.

We wait patiently - gazing at the moon

and wishing on a star

8 -moon

And before we know it - our wishes are fulfilled


With the first green of nature


That blooms to many a fragrant flower.


Like Annecim's gift of these roses

11- Mulberries on my tree-study

And we count our blessings in the fruits of this mulberry tree

Growing outside the east window of our study.


Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2012


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Life in the suburbs. ♥
Not sure there's a better or prettier city in North America in which to live than Montreal. Even the 'burbs look great.
I'll bet all of the snow-dwellers wish the season moved as quickly as this beautiful photo-post. I don't live in the snow, but I am certainly looking forward to the flowers, just the same. Well, maybe not just the same... :-)
to tall? hehee...

Great glimpses into Montreal. Fabulous TITLE (I'm a title aficionado)
Hey! That first picture looks like one of my litter mates!

Beautiful Fusun; as always.....
Lovely images
These just made smile
Beauty is everywhere and you've sure captured it, beautifully. I like the "snow waffle" that chair resembles.
Fabulous pics Fusun. Makes my heart want to be there. ~R
I grew up outside of Montreal and lived a few years of my life there. I remember the snowbanks trying to catch a bus:)
Loved the photos.
May the Blue Bird of Happiness "Bluejay" Always Be With You! I have seen the Bluejay in my Lombard Garden during the summertime, perched on the Canadian Maple Tree in the middle of the backyard. Happy New Year 2012!
Love the first picture!!!

Beautiful pics, even the snow ones. We haven't had any, yet, and I'm fine with it.
Reminds me of Michigan . . . I miss the first snowfall, but that's it!!!
Beautiful. Your kitty is gorgeous, such bright eyes. xo
Ah this is so wonderful! r.
Your title says it: viewtiful surroundings.

So much snow...even more than I got last year.
Beautiful Montreal. -R-
The views are stunning enough but when seen through your talented photographer's eye they are each breathtaking in beauty....even the snow shots and I hate snow.
Your photos look magnificent and OSman is as adorable as ever.
rated with love
Now I miss Minnesota--the land of sky blue waters and the beer refreshing--where I grew up. Thanks for the memories.
All so beautiful. I'm missing those warm cheese bagels. Nothin' like 'em. Thanks
These are sparkling.
No snow here for some time now.
Lovely, indeed. You don't have those flowers already, do you? If so I must move to Canada.
I would have rated for the title alone. Gorgeous photography!
Love it all! Especially the Mulberry Tree! I want one of those! xo
Beauty. You view. We see Beauty.
We View through FusanA's Eyes.
This was a great OSer Idea. View.

Luminous. Muse. Mulberry Tree.
My eldest son pruned yesterday.
I wish I had taken a Tree Photo.
I yelled `No Fall from The Tree.
I met One who had a glass eye.
The eye always was crooked.
He fell from a tree. Honest.
This was in the seventies.
He was a butcher.
No. An American. Bacon.
Canadian Bacon is spicy.
The eye was not right.
It looked fake. Odd.
Thanks for memory.
Great stuff, as usual FusunA! You provide me with inspiration to keep working at my too high file size photos to reduce them somehow and make an Open Call of "The View From My Window" also. I'll even have a couple that are actually taken from looking out the window, too.

I was about to give up on this, because the deadline's tomorrow and I can only get about three of my photos reduced enough to post. I'll keep at it. Thanks again for all the cool writing and the occasionally even cooler photo essay.

y've mastered an art form of your own.
Moi, j'aime Montreal...Merci bien, les photos sont merveilleuses.
Using cat photos is cheating! Nice slice of life.
That's a lot of snow! The view out my window looked like that last winter, but this winter is blissfully devoid of white piles. Love that brazen squirrel, who seems unfazed by a large ginger kitty.
Really enjoyed this View.
The colors do pop against the coolness of winter...something you captured so well. Love your "friends" too.
What a pretty place, Fusun, and in all seasons.
I don't know which is the more beautiful picture the one with the snow, the birds, the designs, I love them all Fusuna, thank you for the lovely pictures. Please stop by and read my new post regarding some dreams I was having this morning. Thank-You
Beautiful, Fusun, with a glimpse of Spring ahead.
That settles it. Montreal goes up many notches on the "places to visit soon" list. Or maybe the "places to visit soon when there's no snow."
Beautiful slice of life! R
my husband is getting the snowplow out of our shed...first snowstorm for our midwest town predicted tonight. It's been an unusual winter for us and I am excited to finally have snow and hope to be snowed in. I will not be able to properly welcome spring without a few snowed in days.
What a sweet and wonderful view! If I knew how to make your heart icon, I would do it right (here).
I've been away for a few weeks. So good to catch up, especially with an open call. Your spring blooms make me impatient. (impatiens?)
As I gazed out my window this morning, ready to write about the greenery yet to be covered with snow... I wandered off. Far far from my burb on this one. I've been to India.
OSman is such a beautiful kitty and looks so friendly!
Lovely pictures, though I'm not sure that snow makes a walk inviting. The pink rose was just gorgeous.
Very pretty and nicely assembled Fusun.
I remember times in Hamilton when the snowbanks would make exiting a driveway onto a busy street a heart stopping experience. By that time I was yearning for the beauty of spring such as you have depicted in your last three pictures. Lovely.
Wow, Look at all that snow!! whew. Beautiful imagery as usual. Hope for Spring and from here in the desert that snow looks pretty amazing too.
So Beautiful, Fusun! Thanks for sharing
gorgeous pictures! almost makes me wish i lived somewhere with snow :)
I love me an orange cat, and the rest too. But the orange cat. Oooh.
I love the blue jay and the "snow waffle" but that depth of snow makes me want to head for the (Mexican) border. I live in western Colorado at 6900 feet elevation but we don't get snow even half that deep here!
This is glorious! What a sweet face on your kitty, it started me with a smile, especially since I no longer have to shovel snow like that. I ended longing for my mulberry trees so I could make mulberry jam. No mountains of snow and no homemade mulberry jam, things even out!
Gorgeous photo essay. I love those healthy roses. And what a pretty cat...nice smile too.
love. love,..and LOVE.
Thank you for sharing your seasons with us. R
All lovely pictures, Fusun! I hope Osman knows he lives on the fortunate side of that door, and that his friend on the other side is not to be envied. =o) Annecim planted some lovely roses!

Oh the views from your window...
Viewtiful? Yes, absolutely beautiful!
Such an eye you have....R
A beautiful testament to the advantages of living where there are defined seasons. I'm glad you have the kitty to share your view with.
Thank you for the beautiful photos. Your kitty is so pretty! Who is his twin outside the window?
Breath-taking scenes through an artist's eyes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS 12th Day of January, 2012, Fusun! I love your parents for bringing us YOU!
Happy Birthday, Beautiful Fusun! You bless us all with your presence.
Just gorgeous Fusun and makes your life and place so vivid. You who are visual artists as well as writers have cups running over. RRRR
P.S. Happy, happy birthday!
beautiful photographs! you have the eye for bringing us the best views. thank you. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more in good health. Thank you for always giving us the best view - on all aspects of our world and on what's deep inside.
Ah, wonderful. I love how content the kitty looks!
What a lovely post! I'm inspired now to look out at the slush and muck outside my home in Northeast with a much more interesting perspective. Thank you.
I've never been in Montreal. You make it look very inviting. Thanks. R
Those are some 'burbs girl! And Osman is looking so well, his eyes match his fur now - since cats don't have much to coordinate, that's quite a feat!
Loved these! Your cat has gotten so big, I'm sure he enjoys the views. Looks like he has an outdoor counterpart. Sorry, but you can keep all that snow! We still haven't had any.
OMG. What ungodly force made me miss this? Osman is a star. The squirrel is as sweet as can be. What great pictures. Happiest Birthday again my friend!
those roses get me every time. there is something magical about them!
That is one HAPPY kit-teh! I really enjoyed this, Fusun!
That's beautiful, thank you for sharing those...I've a friend in Montreal inviting me to visit. From the looks of your images, I think I'll wait until those flowers are in full bloom...
Thank you for the accompanying poetry, it accents everything beautifully.
FusunA, looks you're not only a fine writer but also a first-rate photographer. Beautiful blog.
Cool title! Wonderful pictures, as usual.
Oh, FunsunA, may I use your photo of pink roses on the web? It is SO pretty!!!!!!! Nature makes me happy. There's snow here in Pennsylvania, too, but, not much.
Gorgeous. Thanks for posting these photos. I live in a cement city. It has its own beauty. I miss the abundance of nature.
OSman has it made and he looks like he knows it! Loved this post. Haven't had to deal this year with piles of snow that big, but I can relate! Makes me want to visit your house and curl up with OSman if he would allow it, hot tea and your stories of the neighborhood! R
love the red berries in the branches
Thank you for taking a peek through our windows and seeing our world. ♥