JULY 15, 2009 11:41PM

Dave Eggers optimistic about print

By King Kaufman: I'm perfectly willing to entertain the possibility that Google is an evil overlord that will stop at nothing to crush us all under the weight of its unstoppable enormity, but when publishers argue that Google is an evil overlord that will stop at nothing to crush us all…

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JULY 14, 2009 6:34PM

The news needs a new sugar daddy

By King Kaufman: Clay Shirky has an essay up at Cato Unbound in which he writes that the current state of media "isn't an upgrade, it’s an upheaval, and it will be decades before anyone can really sort out the value of what’s been lost versus what’s been gained."

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JULY 14, 2009 4:00PM

Ad slump predicted to end in 2011

By Katharine Mieszkowski  For media execs looking for a light at the end of the Great Recession tunnel, here's a flicker.

A new report from Magna, an advertising forecaster widely watched in the biz, predicts that while this year revenues will fall about 14.5 percent for the… Read full post »

By King Kaufman: The New York Times' hiring of Jennifer Preston as social media editor -- she signed up at Twitter upon getting the job -- reminds me of a phenomenon that I bet has happened at least once at every newspaper in America. I know it's happened at… Read full post »

By King Kaufman: I'm slowly developing this view that while there are almost no newspapers that could get anyone to pay anything for their basic content online, the New York Times can. But $5 a month, which the Times is reportedly considering, is way out of whack.

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By King Kaufman: A week after Cleveland Plain Dealer "reader representative" Ted Diadiun lit up Future of Journalism nerdworld with a video chat in which he referred to the blogosphere as "a bunch of pipsqueaks out there talking about what the real journalists do," we have a sequel.

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By Katharine Mieszkowski Columnist Connie Schultz over at the Cleveland Plain Dealer has some company across the pond. As readers of this blog will recall, Schultz has argued that the government should curtail free speech to help save the journalism business model. 

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JULY 10, 2009 3:18PM

By King Kaufman: A little Future of Journalism roundup for your Thursday evening reading.

• I don't think I can make every item a daisy chain like this, but: Here's Dan Froomkin, recently canned by the Washington Post, writing about his new gig at the Huffington Post, here's NYU… Read full post »

By Katharine Mieszkowski There are lots of ways to embarrass yourself on Twitter by revealing too much. See novelist Alice Hoffman's tweets of rage over a bad review. But Jennifer Preston, the new social media editor at the New York Times, is actually taking some heat for saying nothing at all… Read full post »

JULY 9, 2009 2:46PM

Media "watchdogs" need watching

By King Kaufman Open Salonista RIRedinPA makes an interesting point in a comment on this blog's obsessive third post about the Cleveland Plain Dealer "reader representative" video:

"Let the CPD and the others attached to the dead and dying model of print newspapers rant on about their self importanc… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 9, 2009 2:48AM

"United Breaks Guitars": Power of the source

By King Kaufman: This isn't exactly a Future of Journalism story except that the Future of Journalism -- and increasingly, the present of it -- appears to be all about the power of the source. Consider a source by the name of Dave Carroll, a Canadian musician who had his prize…

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By Katharine Mieszkowski Add InvestigateWest to the growing list of new non-profit investigative outfits hoping to keep public interest journalism alive as the newspaper business model collapses. 

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By King Kaufman: This blog is going to ask for your indulgence. It is frankly obsessed with the 15-minute video at Cleveland.com that both Katharine and I wrote about yesterday. We're thinking of changing the name of this blog to the How Crazy Was That Cleveland Plain Dealer Video? Blog.…

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JULY 7, 2009 5:19PM

Staggering idiocy in Cleveland

By King Kaufman The craziest moment in the insane Cleveland Plain Dealer "reader rep chat" video Katharine Mieszkowski just wrote about comes about halfway through.

I've seen a lot of commentary in Future-of-Journalism nerdland about this video, in which the P-D's so-called reader representative, wh… Read full post »

By Katharine Mieszkowski If you can get past the monotone delivery, there are some real zingers in the 15-minute video "chat wrap" with the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Reader Rep Ted Diadiun, in which he defends columnist Connie Schultz's proposal to curtail the First Amendment to save newspap… Read full post »

By King Kaufman: Roger Cohen's Sunday column in the New York Times was a lament. The longtime foreign correspondent confesses to feeling "bereft" at having been forced to leave Iran. He also worries about the state of journalism.

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By Katharine Mieszkowski What kind of lofty media credentials do you need to nab interviews with GE CEO Jack Welch, PBS host Charlie Rose and actor Martin Sheen? None at all if you're Alison van Diggelen, a plucky citizen journalist based in Silicon Valley, whose podcasts about gre… Read full post »

JULY 2, 2009 7:02PM

Don't read this, it's not real!!!

By King Kaufman Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti. Ipso facto factotum graffiti.

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By Katharine Mieszkowski Salon's Andrew Leonard has an intriguing How the World Works post today about a new Web site called USASpending.gov, which offers a wealth of info about where your tax dollars are actually going.

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Yep, there's already a video on YouTube making fun of the Washington Post's now-aborted attempt at influence peddling, which I wrote about earlier today. Here's the parody:


By Katharine Mieszkowski As the recession hammers on, and the newspaper industry collapses, add the Washington Post to the crowd of newspapers with truly harebrained schemes about how to boost their bottom lines.

Mike Allen of Politico reported today that the Washington Post invited lobbyists to… Read full post »

By Katharine Mieszkowski Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff has seen the future of journalism, and it is Politico. That's the upshot of his feature on the politics site, which he characterizes as obsessive, insular, wonky and a must-read inside-the-Beltway.

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