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January 01
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Gail works at Salon. She's a full-time online community junky with a strong affection for Salon's gathering places, Open Salon, the main Salon article Comments, and her first love, The WELL. So mostly her attention goes to conversation. Gail also plays with photography, video, craft brewing, satire, politics and hiking.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 6:22PM

Farmers market regrets

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farmer's market tomato lineup This time of year there is a touch of sorrow in the market place, since we all know the season is passing.

Not long ago the strawberries were everywhere, and now we look for other comforts. I wish I wanted more than a single fruit, but usually that's all I want. Just one apple, a peach, a luminous tomato sporting a leafy mohawk. A purchase made in part so I can look through my camera at them, without feeling like a jerk. My very small monetary vote for real agriculture and permission to shoot is then carefully tucked into the apron of the fruit seller, who looks beyond me for somebody who is ready to can something, or prepare salads for a banquet. Something big and bold, please.

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I used to be shocked by the commercial mindset of farmers and growers when I just wanted to romanticize them.
I know what you mean. Now I finally accept that they do have to get by, pay for the gas for that truck, keep the land.
The farmers at the local market work so hard. They are up before dawn to pick the produce for the day's sales. The fruits and vegetables are always so much better than what can be found in the super-markets.

- wonderful picture, Gail!
At least at the Farmers Markets you can be semi-more assured where the products are coming from instead of the stuff at the Super Market giants aka Wally's World and such.

Plus, the tomatoes, they so nummy nummy!! :)
I love Farmer's Markets but had to quit them as they were toooooo expensive. I love that tomato photo.