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gail williams
san francisco, California, usa
January 01
Director of Communities
Gail works at Salon. She's a full-time online community junky with a strong affection for Salon's gathering places, Open Salon, the main Salon article Comments, and her first love, The WELL. So mostly her attention goes to conversation. Gail also plays with photography, video, craft brewing, satire, politics and hiking.


NOVEMBER 22, 2011 10:01AM

Occupy Art!

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The tents are such an icon. occupy art Each day the rumors fly, and twice the police have moved the tents back into a small section of land by the San Francisco Ferry Building.

The image of them is burned into our imaginations. A local painter was working here a couple of weeks ago. I didn't post it at first because I had been too shy to interrupt and ask his name. So here is the unknown OccupySF painter at work.

Some of the OS bloggers are talking about baking Occu-pies for Thanksgiving dinner, to bring the conversation home. Now, that's art. Look at this pie! 

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"... too shy ..."
I so understand ... and I am glad that ... in the end ... name or not ... you've shared. Should the artist somehow see ... please don't mind ... the sharing ... for somehow it allows a broader chance for ... your work ... to speak ... and it does speak ... beautifully ...