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APRIL 3, 2012 6:04PM

Right turn into a cavity search

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Who would have thought a right turn would land me in jail with a body cavity search? At a time I didn't even know what went into body cavities (except tampons). But there I was and there were the police. And once in jail, there was the search. Now the Supreme Court says that's just fine.

Of course, it wasn't just a right turn. It was a wide right turn. In Washington, D.C.  On the Sunday after the march on the Pentagon in 1967 to protest the Vietnam war. We had stormed the barricades on Saturday, being shoved into full trespass by the 300,000 people behind us up into the Pentagon parking lot. We were able to leave that night to tend to a sick friend. And then to get up Sunday and drive messy-haired, blanketed stragglers from Virginia over the Constitution Avenue bridge to the bus stop and train station. In my VW bug.

No one, I tell you, no one was on the road besides  that other car. The police car. Gotcha.

But it wasn't just the wide right turn. It was the New York driver's license in the District of Columbia and a Sunday morning without any open court for the Justice of the Peace to rule on the offense and set the fine. I was hauled over to the D.C. jail  until I could make make bail.

As they conducted the cavity search of my lower half (that seemed to interest them the most), I practiced psycho-disassociation and looked at it from a clinical perspective. When I re-clothed, I tried to feel un-invaded.  It didn't occur to me I had the right to question the practice. Good thing. It would have been a waste of time. And besides, although our Supreme Court says it doesn't matter, I was guilty.

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Cavity searches could be replaced by the slightly less invasive screening procedures of the TSA, couldn't they? Ugh, how awful to go through that.
A cavity search for a traffic violation is absolutely insane to me. The assumption should be that you will be released by the time they finish.
But what do I know?
It's a good thing you did the psycho-dissociation.I wish I had been able to do it when examined by young MDs.That happened twice;the first time was for my pregnancy examination(I never went there again) and the second time,I had checked in at the hospital for a week's stay/ examinations.Although it was evening,and no examinations would be made,a young M.D.entered the room,claiming to do the "necessary" cavity check up as part of the hospital routine.Up to this day,I felt cheated.