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DECEMBER 30, 2012 2:43PM

What happens when we turn our backs on Atheism

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The world has experienced many terrible things during the last 2,000 years. One war followed another throughout the centuries. Lately there has been an increase in the number of people who have been using assault-style rifles to kill innocent people. There has been a single constant during these tumultuous times – a large number of Christians in the Western world.

We are often tempted to resort to reason and logic to understand the killings. But it is not that mentally ill people have more access to assault-style rifles that they do to mental health care. It is simply this – we have turned our backs on atheism and have allowed Christianity to infect us with ideologically rigid hatred.

The corrosiveness of Christianity has made our hearts hard. We need to return to atheism and its focus on the basic human values of helpfulness, goodwill, tolerance and to embrace all of humanity. Only then will genuine human kindness and reason be allowed to make this a peaceful nation once again.

If you didn't catch it, yes, this is sarcasm!  Religion or lack of it has nothing to do with misfortune -- or good fortune.  Substituting "Atheism" for "God" makes the point clearer to those surrounded by Christian ideology.

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Whooeee! Have you got guts! All the religionists are gonna jump on yer ass now!

This should be fun though. I don't personally buy your thesis, but as a fellow atheist, I'll stick my oar in to back your play.......

Go get 'em tiger!

sky, a harmless bit of satire. I decided to turn on its head the notion that every bad event is the result of not enough religion. Religious leaders have been trotting that one out for centuries.

The world is full of religious people -- and yet they still blame everything on the great minority of people who are not religious? That just doesn't make sense. Events are much more influenced by the life view of the majority - religious people - than the atheist minority. Let's start blaming everything bad that happens on the majority! For the next 20 centuries.

If bad things happen, perhaps it's because there are not enough atheists and too many Christians. I mean, come on, we gave them centuries to get it right, and they still haven't made the world a nice peaceful place? It's only logical to conclude that we must return to atheism.
Gary, While I would love to see the world have the good sense to advance to atheism, I wonder if the phrase "return to atheism" has any meaning? Was there ever a time when the world was atheist?

"Return to atheism?"!!! Hmmmmm. ;-)
As we humans evolved, there was a time before we invented religion. Our minds wondered at nature and our plight, but we had not yet created any stories that filled in the blanks.

A "return to atheism" makes more sense than when religious leaders say "return to God". A vast majority of people already believe in the God for their particular religion. But atheism is the life view of only a small minority. So the majority can return to it. (And everything will be wonderful again!) ;-)
Thank you for this, and wish I had seen it sooner. Sadly, being religious does not guarantee intelligent thinking. In fact, it's often the opposite. N
madhuri, right, people can be better as atheists than as Christians, Muslims, Hindis, etc. Religious ideology is rigid, inflexible and intolerant -- exactly the wrong prescription for enabling people to get along well.