Gary Justis

Gary Justis
Bloomington, Illinois, US
April 04
Gary Justis has worked primarily in the area of kinetic sculpture for the last 34 years. He lived and worked in Chicago from 1977 to 1999. He currently resides in Bloomington Illinois, where he teaches and writes stories about his actual experiences. (please take a look at his "Sculpture" link for more info)


DECEMBER 20, 2013 11:46AM

Jim and Andy's Christmas Mission

gridley 5d
gridley 1


Jim White and Andy Willits have created and maintained a bright, multilayered Christmas display at their store in Bloomington, Illinois for

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DECEMBER 12, 2013 6:37PM

A Sensibly Undressed Christmas


During Christmas vacation when I was nine years old, I asked my dad what he knew about Calvin Coolidge. I was working on

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DECEMBER 2, 2013 10:56PM

Body Forward


Tess Lavieri, Untitled , aluminum, steel hardware, plastic, pencils

Tess Lavieri, Untitled , aluminum, steel hardware, plastic, pencils

Body extension projects from Illinois State University’s students in the School of Art: 3-D Fundamentals


“Every extension of mankind, especially technological extensions, has the effect of ampu

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NOVEMBER 21, 2013 8:13PM

Our Man Lost: a 50 year remembrance


detail of an anonymous snapshot

Champaign, Illinois Airport October 24, 1960


In our 5th Grade class, there was a change in the day, and it happened so fast. In a strange way it felt/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 10:09PM

cold fire



With true fire, matter undergoes a marvelous transformation. Most of us have sat beside a campfire on occasion, floating some fragile material down onto the flames. There

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JULY 24, 2013 9:51PM

Her flight

  Superman 1





I will always believe that flight is good. I will always believe in what your race has called the realm of ideas.



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JULY 3, 2013 11:27AM

Small American Narratives

narr 1

The family narrative in snapshots gives us

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MAY 12, 2013 12:20PM

For Mother



Mom and Gregory Justis Jr.     1982


There is a favorite photograph in our my brother always carried with him, of Mom holding Gregory, my brother's first child. Both Mom and the baby show a dreamy… Read full post »


The video “Dragon King” by Michael Goldberger asks us to enter its world from below center of the action, to cross a threshold into the tumult of an adolescent vision. We are asked to throw off the supercilious preferences we have piled up (in our minds) amid the

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APRIL 23, 2013 4:34PM

In Analogue Home Time

Buddy cat watch

After the early walk and feeding time, Buddy likes to wait at the bedroom door for the cats to emerge. Eventually they come out one by one lazily stretching in the light. They take turns touching Buddy's nose, then break into a sprint down the hallway with theRead full post »

JANUARY 13, 2013 1:19PM

The Reincarnationist

the reincar 3


        Portrait # 38g (The Reincarnationist), digital photograph, projected light, dimensions variable


I keep thinking about my friend’s aunt who insisted her deceased brother came back as a cartoon character; some hybridization of HomerRead full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2012 9:52AM

Nerve Engines


Engines are normally thought of as mechanical

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 Macro to Micro 1

Fair Weather Cumulus Clouds over the midwest Fall, 2009
Some matter is transitory, yet when the insertion of an image into our memory is satiated by the burn of its visual fixture, in the form of a static picture waiting in the recesses ofRead full post »
SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 5:11PM

This Old Tree Will Stand

Old Tree S1a

Greg Correll is dissecting a life-chronicle of the debilitating effects of his Parkinson’s Disease. He does it in brilliant fashion. Forming a picture of his active mind, he takes us intoRead full post »

AUGUST 2, 2012 1:11PM

Future Drought


  State Farm 1a copy

Late July, 2012:  Some of the teasing clouds over the old State Farm Building, Bloomington, Illinois


In this part of Central Illinois there has always been a reliance on abundant rain for the massive corn crop. We are known forRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 26, 2012 12:15AM

Taking the (ignorance of) Guns Away


gun grab


On the rural roads and farm land sections of the middle Midwest, far from the cities and suburbs, a boy could take his favorite shotgun, loaded and on safety, and walk down the dirt highways… headed to nowhere in particular.

TheRead full post »


nerve still 1a

Nerve Endings 1a, still video capture,  2012


 There is a place I like to sit in the evenings. In my yard it is as still as a whisper, with the fated ash, oak and maple leaves making no movement. One can almost hear the smallRead full post »


Unending Sequence, 2012, macro video, light emitting diode, paper stencil,

dimensions variable

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Editor’s Pick
APRIL 5, 2012 8:39AM

Veiled Nature: the drawings of Larry Miller

10 miller

Modern Movement, 2009, marker on paper, 24 x 18 inches


Author's Note: These drawngs are true to their actual appearance. They are airy and subtle, and in/Read full post »

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MARCH 29, 2012 8:20AM

The Roswell Paintings of Shona Macdonald


Around # 5 (small), 2011, oil on canvas, 19 x 39”     (larger image)


Shona Macdonald’s landscapes offer the simplicity and affirmation of knowing our imaginary wanderings through, around and beyond her images are not thwarted by any limitations. Our eyRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 24, 2012 9:00AM

Layers of Memory

Layers 1


I was thinking about how images sometimes take our minds to a place that transcends the very substance that makes up the content of the picture we are looking at. As an addendum to memory, photographs offer a priceless role in helping us toRead full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 10:03AM

Body Powers

Foundry 2  copy

Waiting for things to heat up in our foundry can sometimes inspire body language that suggests ancient geometries, or architectural edifices.                         

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FEBRUARY 12, 2012 3:35PM

An Island of Mind and Ocean


Beaver Island, Lake Michigan                                             NASA

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Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 12, 2012 12:51PM

Silver from Blue and Grey

G Justis Chins

That’s me talking to the photographer, Steven Gross, over one of the many breakfasts we shared at Chin’s Diner, at Canal and 18th Street, on the south side of Chicago  

© 1982 Steven E. Gross   Chicago

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Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 11, 2012 1:30PM

The Creationists

The Creationists   
By Steve Arney and Gary Justis  


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