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SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 8:28AM

George Will Blasts McCain

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Cox - scapegoat?



It's no secret that John McCain was not the first choice of the conservatives in the Republican Party. But most of those who supported Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani during the primaries have gotten in line behind McCain. McCain shored up their support by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.



But not all conservatives are so willing to embrace McCain as, at least, the anti-Obama. Conservative columnist George Will, for example.



In his op-ed today in the Washington Post, Will blasts McCain for his reactions to the financial crisis facing the nation. And opines that, neither McCain nor Barack Obama are suited to be president of the United States.



Will is particularly upset that McCain puts the blame on the situation on the head of Security and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox, who the Wall Street Journal previously described as "McCain's scapegoat."



Will doesn't go so far as to endorse Obama. But he certainly isn't offering a ringing endorsement of McCain either.

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The republicans will vote for McCain despite their issues with him. The race is too close and they want to keep the executive. Plus, by voting for McCain they are voting against Obama.
I'm not so sure that they will vote for him out of party unity. McCain has attacked wall street and GOP congressional leaders (on earmarks), and they are thinking, with what McCain knows about them, he could really put them away.
Money speaks and McCain's poor showing since the meltdown shows him to be impulsive which is not something you want in someone who controls the money.