Hailed by some as the "world's most powerful gay man," Tim Cook was announced Wednesday to replace Apple founder, Steve Jobs, as CEO of the American multinational corporation. Jobs is stepping down from the role to face continuing health problems.

Does it matter that Cook happens to b/… Read full post »

The good folks at Care2.com are sponsoring a petition urging Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, and his government to stop violating international human rights laws and to repeal Section 347a of the Cameroonian penal code, a section that criminalizes same-sex sexual acts.

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The 2011 international Queer of the Year contest is well under way with the completion of the third day of activities—The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. After a sexy ice skating obstacle course, a sweaty bike race, and a sensual hula hoop face-off, the winner of the Challenge was...


Tampa Bay Rays' manager Joe Maddon and players Johnny Damon, Sam Fuld, B.J. Upton, and Sean Rodriguez will be featured in an upcoming "It Gets Better" video to support teens dealing with anti-gay bullying, reports the St. Petersburg Times. The new video will be recorded before the… Read full post »

This is why the American Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) needs to be repealed. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have denied immigration benefits to a bi-national married gay couple in San Francisco and have ordered the expulsion of the Australian spouse who is the primary caregiver to… Read full post »

Raghava KK is an artist originally from Bangalore, India, who now lives and works out of New York. His recent immigration to the US was due to censorship of his work in India after he began exploring themes of masculinity following the coming out of a dear friend. He spoke eloquently… Read full post »

Meet (below) Célio, Christine, Eric, Jason, Tim and Yenna, the six finalists for the exciting 2011 international Queer of the Year competition in Montreal, which runs from Sunday, August 7, to Monday, August 15.



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The Suquamish Tribe in Washington State on Monday became the second in America to recognize marriage equality with a the passage of a new law that allows the tribal court to issue a marriage license to two unmarried people, regardless of their sex, if they're at least 18… Read full post »

This is a fantastic video highlighting landscape architect Claude Cormier's "Les Boules Roses" (The Pink Balls), 170,000 pink resin balls fastened to wires strung out at different levels and through the trees forming a long pink canopy suspended for summer 2011 over the Sainte-Catherine Street pedest… Read full post »

JULY 27, 2011 7:57PM

What Racist Queers Say

Thanks to my friend Richard over at Three Dollar Bill for bringing my attention to an amazing article, "Racist Queers" by comedian Solomon Georgio, who outlines some of the most common reactions white queers have when they are accused of saying or doing something racist. Gems like,… Read full post »

Here's some food for thought. A security guard working at the "Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories" exhibition at San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum last Sunday afternoon told a lesbian couple visiting the show that they were not allowed to hold hands, reports SFGate. Ignorance? Absurdity?… Read full post »

In an article published in Al Arabiya, Melody Moezzi, an Iranian-American Muslim writer and attorney from Chicago has come out in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights, stating:

The LGBT community represents the most vulnerable and marginalized sector of nearly every society wRead full post »

The next generations of Californians will no longer have to look solely to television or films for glimpses of LGBT human beings. On Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires all schools in the state to teach students about the contributions of LGBT people throug… Read full post »

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The Oakland A's nipped team homophobia in the bud Sunday by indefinitely suspending top minor league pitching prospect, Ian Krol, for tweeting what was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle's Susan Slusser as a "gay slur along with some other offensive langRead full post »

Image from Die Standard

I'm a big fan of public artworks that remind humans of their potential to terrorize each other under the pretext of any number of ideologies or religious beliefs. Case in point, a monument of flowers spelling the daunting phrase "ZU SPÄT" (TOO LATE)… Read full post »

Released last week, the Boston Red Sox contribution to the It Gets Better project features manager Terry Francona, captain and catcher Jason Varitek, and first/third baseman Kevin Youkilis, whose words are woven together with those of "real" people to show a message of support for an end to bullying.… Read full post »

Chicago-based punk rock band Rise Against have contributed to the It Gets Better campaign by producing a video for their latest release, "Make It Stop (September’s Children)" to address a string of reported suicides as a result of homophobic bullying in fall 2010. Known for over a de… Read full post »

Epic ignorance from India’s Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, was displayed Monday when he told delegates at a Delhi HIV/AIDS conference, "Unfortunately, there is this disease in the world and in this country where men are having sex with other men, which is completely unnatural and shouldnRead full post »

Thrice married, born-again evangelical Chinese actress Lü Liping is facing international boycotts and has been banned from the 2011 Golden Horse Awards, considered the Oscars of Chinese cinema, after posting anti-gay remarks on her microblog last week following the decision in the United State… Read full post »

Well, it's not equality, but it's a big step, nonetheless, in Rhode Island, where Senate lawmakers Wednesday evening approved civil unions for gay couples. The bill, which already passed in the House of Representatives and which the state governor, Lincoln D. Chafee, said he would sign, grants… Read full post »

Words can be like people. Once you get to know them, you can enjoy a friendship or move on and find others with whom you are perhaps more compatible. With this in mind, I am continually surprised that mainstream news outlets in this day and age still use the word "homosexual"… Read full post »

In a landmark decision, Sao Paulo state judge Fernando Henrique Pinto ruled Monday that two men were allowed to convert their civil union into a full marriage. In May 2011, Brazil’s Supreme Court had legalized same-sex civil unions, but stopped short of approving same-sex marriage. Today, ho… Read full post »

Here is something handy that you might want to share with those less-enlightened in your circle, kind of like a red card that you can show every time you come across someone who erroneously believes that all animals are heterosexual, or that gay relationships don't last, or… Read full post »

As proponents of equality across the globe celebrated New York State's recent passage of a marriage equality bill, eight lesbian and gay couples were married in a mass ceremony in Baguio City, Philippines, on Saturday. The event was hosted by the ecumenical Metropolitan Community Church of Metro BaRead full post »

On July 17, 2011, surfers from around the world will gather at Sydney's Manly and Bondi beaches to take part in the first ever International Gay Surfers Day. Organized by GaySurfers.net, the event is a significant one in the "hetero-masculine dominated sphere of surfing," reports SX News.


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