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AUGUST 20, 2009 1:49PM

New television ad urges Maine voters to uphold gay marriage

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Maine's gay marriage law was scheduled to take effect in September, but same-sex marriage opponents have submitted enough signatures from registered voters to put the issue to a referendum this November. Here is a new television ad, Together, urging voters in Maine to uphold the law and allow gay marriage in the state.

"Together, we can protect equality." Pretty cool, although I think I would have been a bit more aggressive and used the line, "Together, we must protect equality." Equal protection under the law is so important in fighting all kinds of discrimination that I think of it as a "must."

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Great ad in many ways, except one. Do only white people live in Maine?
From the U.S. Census Bureau, 96.4% of Maine's population are white: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/23000.html
Great ad! Brought a tear to my eye.
Kudos for making same-sex families visible. This is the message the whole country needs. Are you listening, California?
Having spent my childhood summers in Maine, I can promise this ad isn't hype. Maine-iacs are great people who tend to mind their own business and care for their communities. If my parents didn't already live in VT, I'd ask 'em to move back to Kennebunk.
Maine experienced an influx of African immigrants in the 1990s as part of the Catholic Charities Refuge resettlement program.

This had impact in southern Maine communities as Portland and Lewiston-Auburn.

Portland Maine was one of the first communities in Maine (and I think the nation) to have an anti-discrimination gay right ordinance.

This cause much consternation when Unum was acquired by the Provident Companies of Chattanooga Tennessee in 1999 as part of a merger of "equals." The bible belt management of the firm had to offer domestic partner benefits to all employees nationwide because of Portland's ordinance as Portland was co-headquarters of Unum Provident Corporation. This drove the senior management of the company nuts.

This will be upheld by the voters in Maine, because they believe in fairness to all. I lived in Maine for 22 years.
This is a wonderful ad. Wish it was being run across the country.
Wow! If these stats are accurate then I wanna move to Maine. Most white folk that I know are the least judgemental and friendliest people you'd ever meet, pre-supposing that you are white, too. We already have a place in Canada like that, it's called Alberta.