JANUARY 11, 2010 12:42PM

Cambodia's one same-sex marriage

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The year 2010 marks the 15th anniversary of the one recorded case of a same-sex marriage in Cambodia. Two women, Khav Sokha and Pum Eth, wed on 12 March 1995 in Kro Bao Ach Kok village in Kandal Province with a ceremony that was attended by 250 people, including Buddhist monks and provincial officials. Back in 1995, Ms. Sokha told the Phnom Penh Post:

"The authorities thought it was strange, but they agreed to tolerate it because I have three children already (from a previous marriage). They said that if we were both single (and childless), we would not be allowed to get married because we could not produce children."

A strange twist indeed in the global storyline of marriage equality. Since then, there have been no other known documented cases of same-sex marriage in the nation, although as the BBC reported, the much revered King-Father of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk, after watching television images of gay marriages in San Francisco in 2004, said that as a "liberal democracy," Cambodia should allow "marriage between man and man... or between woman and woman." He also said that transgender people should be "accepted and well-treated" nationwide.

While Cambodian politicians remain silent on LGBT rights, the country appears to be moving in a positive direction. The 2009 film, Who Am I?, about a Cambodian-American woman infatuated with a famous Cambodian actress, was widely well-received, despite it's plot about same-sex love.

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What a very revealing topic this really is.