DECEMBER 13, 2010 8:22PM

Watch: Transphobia in the LGB Community

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The Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual community, like any other, has it fair share of bullies, case in point, those who, despite having to fight for their own basic human rights, have something against transgender human beings. Check out the video below, made by a person transitioning from female to male, which poses some significant questions about bullying within our LGBT acronym.



"Why would outcasts make outcasts of other outcasts?"

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Transphobia amongst member of the LGBTQ community is one of the most dispicable things there is. WE of all people should know better, DAMMIT!
Yep. We should know better, but I think the problem is linked to a lot of gay people being bullied or having a lack of self-esteem, and, as a matter of course, needing to bully others in the community to feel good about themselves.
There are multiple layers of outcast. or It goes in a hierarchy. At very top you got the rich, straight, white christian. At the very bottom you got the satan-worshiping pedophile terrorists . (still not sure if those even exists)

But seriously, don't expect too much surprises. As gays become more accepted in society, you'll see more self-righteousness, unfortunately.

What happens when someone gains popularity in high school? They start becoming a bigger prick, don't they? They start laughing at all the "uncool" kids. That's what happens.
gaypersonofcolor has it right. unfortunately there is still rampant low self esteem and subconscious self loathing and fear in the gay "community". having been in the public eye, whether tv or in general, having bars to go to for 30 years, and pushing for marriage, still is not addressing the real issues of gay people. how we live, love and don't or can't. I'm trying to write about these things but a lot would rather read about politics (what they are doing to us today) or sex and where and how to get it. I feel ya.