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JUNE 20, 2010 1:48PM

The Real Reason You Can't Bring Water on an Airplane

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My husband, the alien, figured it out:

The real reason you can't bring water on an airplane.
The TSA employees are really wicked witches of the west and they are afraid they'll dissolve if we throw water on them.

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I walked onto 4 planes this past week, with a bottle of water (open) on every one. No problemo, but it had to be bought on the other side of TSA - at $2.50/bottle. Any liquid, of any kind, has to be in your baggie in an amount of
Gabby Abby: you just proved my point. It's the TSA that's afraid of water. And of course there's the greed factor. $2.50 for one bottle of water? You can bring an empty bottle through security and fill it in the restroom. I've done that and been ordered to dump the water before boarding the plane.
Makes sense to me!
wow - 1/2 my funny comment is missing! I was saying " an amount under 3 oz, soooo collect some little bottles, fill 'em up, bag 'em, and voila! homemade water!

I've met some asshats at TSA (Bradley Airport) who would be overwhelmed if I decided to take a 6 pack of empty bottles through the checkpoint, but if I appealed to a higher-up, I could absolutely make some noise about it. Empty containers aren't on the list as far as I know. The TSA agents on a power high can make it miserable for us working stiffs just trying to make a plane and save a few bucks on a bottle of water... it's just never been worth missing a plane to me. not yet anyway.
home-made water is cool with me. All those 3-ounce bottles have to fit in a 1 liter ziplock. So, why can't I have 1 liter of water?
I believe that is the official statement. R