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AUGUST 10, 2011 6:27PM

Whose Side Are You On?

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 The downgrade of America's credit rating by Moody's and Standard & Poors was the ultimate admission of failure by Corporate America—particularly its Financial division. The financial industry did its best to sabotage and cripple any long-term economic engine that would have led America out of the Great Collapse. Decrepit corporations themselves eagerly resisted the absolute need for a revision of consumerism and the products thereof and thereto. Instead of substance, they gave us gimmicks; instead of taking responsibility, they flung blame and excuses; instead of stepping up to the truth, they cowered behind lies. All of which are symptoms of an extinction agenda in a slow, dumb animal that's just too stupid to live.

Nothing proves this more clearly than the attempted snow job by Francesco Guerra, of the Wall Street Journal. In it, Guerra admits that capitalism needs governments to stimulate their economies because corporations and their bankers cannot. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, Guerra honesty tries to convince us that bankers and markets are victims of the very governments who have done their bidding. Reality check: We're in the fifth year of the Fed giving the financial industry free money to loan back, at highly profitable interest rates, to the country, states, cities, and a few lucky people. Yeah, that sure sounds like the dictionary definition of “victim” to me.

Seriously. Take a look at the earnings statements from the Too-Big-To-Fail set over the last year. Their biggest moneymaker is public debt, which you tax-hating morons know as “bonds.” If it wasn't for those bonds (which always cost taxpayers more than a project-specific tax), bankers would be even bigger losers than they are right now. The only sensible thing for them to do was to put this cash cow on steroids.

The net result? Everything you take for granted and rely on to keep this nation functioning just got much more expensive. Your entire convenience culture depends on on highways, roads, and bridges being maintained in optimal condition. A few breakdowns in that system, and you can kiss your Super Wal-Mart and Safeway low prices goodbye. Along with the year-round bounty of food they stock.

Same goes for the public education system (grades K-12). It still enjoys a very wide margin of enrollment over its private counterpart. And, like the road/highway/bridge system mentioned above, it needs constant maintenance and upgrades. Everything, from buildings to books to athletic fields to computers, course options, and teacher training. Everyone says they want the best for their kids. Time to put up or shut up. Either way, the bankers win.

Who do you have to thank for all this? Corporate America. According to the fundamentals of capitalism, industry and service sectors create jobs, and the role of the government is minimal. Instead of adhering to that fundamental maxim, American capitalism is now dependent on the government it has spent the last fifty years trying to destroy. Inasmuch, American capitalism has been reduced to state sponsorship, and will die without it. Creepy, eh comrade?

Capitalism is an organic being, just like its creators. It is subject to the same rules of evolution—and extinction-- namely, evolve or die. Corporate America is still in its Neanderthal phase, despite the encroachment of Homo Sapien challenges. Ample opportunity for crossing over into a more evolved state has been willfully bypassed. By downgrading their own species, Moodys and Standard & Poors have validated what many of us already knew: they're not meant to survive.

Then again. maybe you aren't, either. This nation arrogantly brays its revolutionary pride every single year on July 4th, which was barely a month ago. Yet, you have no concept of how to resist and overthrow the tyranny you face now. Partisan politics is merely a game meant to keep you all fighting against yourselves, helpless and dependent on those who control the game. All around the globe, revolutions are breaking out against this very kind of oppression. People are putting their lives on the line, facing guns and tanks and planes because they recognize that enough is enough. They're the real thing, and you aren't. Or are you?

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