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December 23
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OCTOBER 12, 2011 4:05PM

Herman Cain Caught Lying in GOP Debate

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Herman Cain has been caught lying in last night's GOP debate. Cain, who was the former deputy chairman and then chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve throughout the 1990's, had been opposed to an audit of the Fed.  He had also said that Ron Paul supporters frequently ask him "annoying questions" about a Fed audit, even accusing the Paul campaign of sending agents to harass him at every event he attends. According to the Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller obtained an advance copy of Cain’s book, “This is Herman Cain,” which goes on sale Oct. 4. In the manuscript, Cain claims Paul’s campaign “sends one of its ‘Paulites’ everywhere I show up.”

“I get the same stupid question at almost every one of these events,” Cain writes. “I know it’s a deliberate strategy. How can a person randomly show up at a hundred events and ask the same stupid question to try to nail me on the Federal Reserve? It’s really becoming annoying more than anything else.”

 When questioned by Ron Paul about his position on a Fed audit in last night's debate, Cain suddenly changed his position. He claimed he never used harsh language when referring to Paul supporters and insisted Dr. Paul shouldn't believe everything he reads on the internet (, Sir, its not an "internet rumor" wrote it in your book). Cain then went on to say he is not opposed to a Fed audit. Watch the video below:


I remember a couple of weeks ago Cain won the Florida straw poll. At that moment the mainstream media declared him the new frontrunner. Funny how Ron Paul wins all kinds of straw polls and the media ignores him, but Cain wins one and BOOM! right to the top. Its also funny to me that at the moment Rick Gardasil Perry was crashing in the polls, a new globalist minion gets rolled out for the people to worship. Anyway, I went and started doing research on this guy because until that point, he was polling around 4%, and he was pretty much irrevelant. I found this video on youtube where Cain, who was filling in as host on the Neal Boortz radio show, offered his opinion on the Fed. Check it out:

So Cain says if want to know more about the Fed, "just call their PR people and go from there!"

Really, Mr. Cain?

Well, I remember watching a doumentary film by syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones entitled Fall of The Republic. In the special features, there is a 10 minute clip where the KC Fed private security (remember, the Fed is NOT a true part of the government) harasses then threatens his crew for simply filming the building, even though they were far away from the building on public property. Amazingly, in this video security claims the Fed building is a federal building:

So Maybe the guys in the video above should've just called the KC Fed PR office, huh Mr. Cain? I guess that would've stopped the security thugs from talking tough... 

Herman Cain is clearly an insider, and Ron Paul called him out in last night's debate. Don't believe the hype.

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Why are you surprised? Herb Cain's whole life is a lie ... he is the classic 'hates who he 'was' and where he came from to the point of accepting consensus history to make his insecurities go away but they never do" and will do anything to deny he and Clarence Thomas were actually joined at the hips at birth and separated by a mad Doctor, no longer practicing, who you name herein, who is still waiting for his payment as they had no health insurance, being poor blacks in the South, and he wants his fee for services rendered to the whole world's detriment. Oh, and they both love Greenspan who kept a copy of the book of your birth in his breast pocket at all times- so, add dearest Ayn as the romantic interest and you've got the re-make of FOUR FOR TEXAS with Herb as the black Sinatra; oh wait, the THREE STOOGES made a cameo in that Rat Pack movie: Redux?
Cain is another GOP certified moron here's a link to him expressing his concerns that the Wall Street protestors are just jealous and out to steal the Cadillac's of others who have “worked for them”:,0,972806.story