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December 23
John Galt is not my name. That is not me in the pic. I am a frustrated American who, like the character in the Ayn Rand book, is witnessing his society crumble around him. I'm not so sure how to change things, but like John Kennedy once said: "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try"

MARCH 5, 2012 2:11PM

Andrew Breitbart Just Another Weird Death?

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This video contains congressional testimony showing that the CIA has a "gun" that would make it appear as if someone has had a heart attack. The "gun" leaves only a red mark on the body that would be very difficult to detect and the poison would not be found in an autopsy. This video also contains footage of congressman Larry McDonald in the early 1980's blowing the whistle on the hidden elite power structure. You may not agree with the thesis of this video, but you will find some very intriguing info that is difficult to deny. 

There is nothing wrong questioning the perceived reality.

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Perhaps one could ask the same question about the sudden realization that Rush Limbaugh isn't wearing any pants. The sudden 180 public opinion swerve on Limbooger appears in part to have been partly inspired not only by the Georgetown legal establishment, but by establishment Republicans.

The loss of Brietbart (who wasn't worthy of any government takeout, no matter what some conspiracy theorists might say) and the sudden lessening of Limburger all bode poorly for the long term prospects for the far right wingnut factoin of the GOP. Revenge of the Rockefeller Republicans?
I tend to think that breitbart was quite an exceptional figure but not really worth assassinating.... unless he had some phenomenal scoop. some are speculating he had something on obama, but even I in my conspiracy hat draw some boundaries once in awhile.
as for secret ways of assassinating people without leaving a trace, and making it look like natural causes, that has probably been going on as long as there are intelligence agencies, and the technology gets better every year. one of my favorite recent case studies is the dubai murder by the mossad which has a tremendous amt of info on it due to the diligence of the dubai police who apparently operated unfettered. the dubai police almost seem to have intelligence agency level abilities & I still wonder why they publicly blew the whistle on the dubai murder and if it was authorized by the highest levels of the govt maybe as some kind of payback.
Important posts. We have to keep reminding people this is happening.