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December 23
John Galt is not my name. That is not me in the pic. I am a frustrated American who, like the character in the Ayn Rand book, is witnessing his society crumble around him. I'm not so sure how to change things, but like John Kennedy once said: "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try"

MAY 17, 2012 12:23PM

Photo Shows Al Qaeda Working With UN In Syria

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al qaeda un 

Notice the fellow on the left dressed in black with the patch on his arm. That is the logo of Al Qaeda, you know, that terrorist group allegedly responsible for 9/11. The U.S. has supposedly waged a global war on terror in the name of destroying these guys, but the UN has no problem working with them, since they are now known as "rebels" fighting against Assad.

But its not just the UN that works with our, I mean enemies known as Al Qaeda. NATO helped Al Qaeda overthrow Qaddafi in Libya, and now the Al Qaeda flag is proudly displayed in Tripoli:



But don't believe me....Here is Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discussing how the US funded Al Qaeda to attack Iran back in 2007:

The BBC admitted in a documentary for BBC Channel 4 that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA. This aired in 2004 (Below is a 10 minute synopsis of the full documentary. You can watch the full version here):

This is yet another example of how Al Qaeda is nothing more than the proxy army of the US, NATO, Israel, and now, the UN. Anyone who still believes that we as Americans have to give up all of our rights to be kept "safe" from "terror" is living in a fantasy land.

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Nice post. John, how do we get it through to people that everything we are told is lies? It's a pity Monty Python isn't around any more. They were really good at putting across to people how ludicrous government is.
I wish I knew, Doc. Everyday I smack my forehead when I read and see the kind of things I posted above. The worst part is I try and tell people, giving them citations, yet they still call me crazy, or try to justify a legitimate cause for what they're reading without a shred of evidence. I figure if 500 people read this post, then I've done the best I can to educate people. The control system has done a marvelous job is duping the people by hammering lies into their heads. We have to do the same.