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December 27
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Creative spirit for a ready writer... Gardenia C. Hung has been writing prose, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction topics for the last forty-two (42) years in English, Spanish, French, and sometimes into Portuguese translation. She has written poetry for Scholastic Magazine in Spanish encouraged by her lyrical expression and descriptive style. Ms. Hung completed Elementary and Middle School in Santiago de Cuba with a diploma and certification in Spanish. Then, Gardenia C. Hung continued studies in the United States of America for Middle School, grades 6th with Miss Honeywood, 7th, and 8th at Avondale Elementary School where she graduated with High Honors in Mr. Herbert Hebel's 8th grade homeroom, in Chicago, Illinois. For Middle School English. Ms. Hung wrote original stories which received praise for writing style and authentic narrative topics, encouraged to continue studying English by Miss Kardos, her ESL teacher at Avondale Grammar School and other mentors, family, and friends. Later at Madonna High School received, Ms. Hung received a High School Diploma with High Honors for graduation in the top ten percent of the Class of 1977 with majors in English, French, Art, History, and the Humanities in Chicago, Illinois. Gardenia C. Hung was admitted at Northeastern Illinois University with Advanced Placement in English, French, and Spanish where she majored in Education, English, French, Spanish, Linguistics and minors in Music, Dance, and Physical Education to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree for the Class of 1982. At NEIU, she received a summer scholarship from Laval University in Ville de Québec, Canada to major in French Linguistics, Syntax, and Phonetics. The following year, in 1983, Ms. Hung continued graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago for a Master of Arts in Communications & Theatre, which included majors in Rhetoric, Ethnography, and Theatre. Gardenia C. Hung has written publications for professional associations and community groups. In addition, Ms. Hung writes for online media CNN iReport, Triblocal, Blogger, Facebook, WordPress, Typepad, and other social media groups on the world wide web.


APRIL 19, 2010 1:46PM

A Victorian Palace in 2010: Sanfilippo Estate

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Eden Palais: A Victorian Palace from Gardenia Hung on Vimeo.

Courtesy by G.C. Hung for Consulting Media Arts, Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc., 31-minute digital video from the Eden Palais Victorian Palace at the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington, Illinois, featuring classic organist maestro Frank Pugno playing the five-keyboard antique organ and the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest with the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Chicago with members of the Groupe Professionel Francophone and the Alliance Française of Chicago.

Browsing through Sr. CONNECTION, I found the Sanfilippo Estate, once again, on the front page, for the Victorian Palace in 2010 XXI. Have you ever visited a Victorian Palace in the 21st century? Look for the European Salon Carousel and the Tiffany Dome at the Victorian mansion with crystal chandeliers in Barrington Hills, Illinois USA.

Seven years ago, the Italian American Chamber of Commerce Midwest and the French American Chamber of Commerce Midwest invited joint members with the Groupe Professionel Francophone for a Sunday afteroon soirée at the Victorian Palace for the Sanfilippo Estate Plum Tree Farm in Barrington Hills. All guests were personally greeted by Jasper Sanfillippo and his wife. We were treated to a special tour of the Victorian Palace at the Sanfilippo Estate, valet parking, hors d’oeuvres, beverages, refreshments, good-hearted hospitality and a warm personal welcome from Jasper Sanfililippo and his wife at the Plum Tree Farm in Barrington Hills.

Everyone was dazed and amazed at the objet d’art and wonderful memorabilia displayed at the Victorian Palace.

I remembered the beautiful antique organ played by classical organist Frank Pugno who entertained the guests all afternoon at the Grand Salon. During his performance, I interviewed Ray Pugno, who was kind to share his impressions with me during the visit to the Victorian Palace. I filmed a Digital Video for San Filippo Plum Tree Farm, Barrington Hills, Illinois, English in color, 2H30, 2000 for Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc.

Now on May 22, 2010, Catholic Charities is sponsoring another dinner event at the Sanfilippo Estate. Hearts for the Homeless in the Eighth Wonder of the World Tour is making a public effort to raise funds for homeless families in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. This fundraising dinner and auction offer unique auction items which include a yacht cruise, a TV news station tour and ralk time with Garry Meier, WGN Radio personality, to benefit Catholic Charities Northwest Regional Services and the New Hope Apartments Program, a supportive housing initiatives program intended to help end the cycle of homelessness for local families.

The Sanfilippo Estate reminds us of Victorian Times (1837-1901), when young Victoria became Queen of Britain at age 18, on June 1837, and many changes took place along with her reign until 1901. Queen Victoria defined her time, trends, fashions, mores, world exploration, navigation, progress, thought, and places, as a turning point in the history of Europe and the world. The 19th century is also known as Victorian Times; in turn, these gave way to the Industrial Revolution. Victorian times marked a transition point between the old and the new modern era in Europe and the Americas, driven by new thoughts, ideas, and man-made machines during the 20th century.

The Victorian Palace is a private residence displaying treasured antiques which include the world’s renown theatre organs with 8,000 pipes, the 1881 Grant Steam Locomotive, featuring the 1890 European Eden Palais Carousel at the Sanfilippo Estate; Victorian memorabilia, antique music, arcade, gambling machines; original Comfort Tiffany lamps and dome; an old-fashioned ice cream parlor; 200 gramaphones used as mechanical music boxes; phonographs; 64 coin-operated pianos; automated violins; and a street clock standing 20 feet tall.

In the 21st century, the Victorian Palace is still drawing attention and recollections when we remember things from past centuries at the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington Hills, Illinois USA.

Consulting Media Arts Communications©2010 Gardenia Hung.  All Rights Reserved.

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Wurlitzer organs are antique collectibles around the world...
Sanfilippo Foundation -- 2010 Summer Concert Series
Concert Information:
August 19 and September 16, 2010

Doors open at 6:30 pm, Concert begins at 8:00 pm

Individual Concert Tickets are now available. To purchase each concert individually, just click the "Add to Cart" button beneath to the concert you wish to attend.

Our Musical Guest Artists:

August 19th, Pianist Richard Glazier brings us the classic music of George and Ira Gershwin, in Gershwin - Remembrance and Discovery.

From their days in Tin Pan Alley and Broadway, to Carnegie Hall and the final years in Hollywood, George and Ira Gershwin were popular music royalty--the golden age songwriting team that created some of our most memorable and beloved music. Richard Glazier is a master storyteller whose charming, insightful narration is the perfect accompaniment to his brilliant piano performances. Playing rare arrangements of the great Gershwin songs, and the complete solo piano version of Rhapsody in Blue, Glazier brings his audiences entertainment of the highest order. Included will be the story of twelve-year-old Richard's meeting with Ira Gershwin at Gershwin's home, after corresponding with the songwriter for over 3 years. Michael Feinstein says, "Richard Glazier has Gershwin in his soul." Join us for the soul-stirring, Gershwin concert and be privy to the Gershwins' story.

September 16, Chicago Legend Corky Seigel and Chamber Blues arrives at the Sanfilippo home.

"Gritty Chicago blues and rarefied classical chamber music might not seem like a match made in heaven," says the Chicago Tribune -- "until you've heard Corky Siegel bring the two together ... a crowning achievement." Is it blues, is it classical? Walking the line between Beethoven and B.B. King and armed with the creative genius and instrumental prowess that have defined his career for nearly four decades, Mr. Seigel has pioneered an original, genre-busting Chamber blues - a fresh, innovative sound capturing the sparkling qualities of classical music merged with the emotional melodic style of blues, all within an intimate chamber setting. Under Corky's lead, The West End String Quartet and percussionist Frank Donaldson complete the Chamber Blues Band. Described by critics internationally as: remarkable, astonishing, extraordinary, hot, mesmerizing, joyous and outrageous fun, their music and concerts have delighted diverse audiences globally and their genre-defying presentations are drawing new and old concert-goers to places they have never been before.
Sanfilippo Foundation -- Halloween Eve Silent Film Party
The Sanfilippo Foundation Presents:
2nd Annual Silent Film Costume Party
Halloween Eve October 30, 2010 at 6 pm
Comedy, Comedy, Comedy!

Join us for drinks and dinner in the Carousel Pavilion, followed by 3 short, silent film comedy classics in the Music Theater with "live" organ accompaniment by Jelani Eddington.

Costumes are optional, but we hope you'll get into the spirit of the evening with costumes from the turn-of-the-century: 1870s - 1930s. There will be prizes for the best costumes.

Last year's party sold out quickly, so get your tickets early. A limited number of seats are available.

Doors to the Carousel Pavilion open at 6 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm, with the movie beginning at 8 pm promptly in the Residence.

This event is for adults only. Tickets are $90 each. Ticket includes dinner and bar, shuttle ride to house, and the movies.
The Victorian architecture is my favorite. It's a style that calms me. I think it has something no one else has realized since than. Of course, all palaces are impressive, but the Victorian one are, in my opinion, much more than that: elegant, colorful. I had the chance to stay in a Victorian building in a complex of apartments in Phoenix . The feeling was much greater than words could explain. I had to move at one point, but those memories will never leave me!