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roberto luigi
Tuscany, Italy
September 11
Born in Croazia ( then Dalmazia a province of Italy) and raised in Florence, Italy. Did university work in the USA with a master in semiconductor physics. Worked in hi-tech pretty much everywhere with long stints in the USA. Now living in Tuscany in the florentine hills with andrea, my american wife.


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AUGUST 31, 2011 6:22AM

September 11

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This morning at breakfast as usual we watched CBS news (we tape it at night, your evening), the closing item was a series of videos done by the FEMA crews in the immediate aftermath of the Twin Towers collapses, the report in light of the coming painful anniversary of the 10th year since that Sept. 11th.

That's my birthday and I have an american family! From the years  pre- 2001 it was the usual kind of a day, some cards, some gifts, calls from son and daughter from whatever country they happened to be in.

That year Andrea and I were living in the village of Montevecchia halfway between Milano and Como and that particular day I was in Grenoble in a meeting discussing operational issues related to our hi-tech R&D; close to the end the announcement was given that two planes had hit two skycrapers in New York! The meeting was called off shortly thereafter, I got in the car to drive back to Italy calling immediately my american wife Andrea, who at that moment was in a state of disbelief not quite wanting to accept that what the TV was showing was real! And so we kept talking almost non-stop  for the four hours it took to get home; by that time reality had sunk in with the news of a third plane going down forced to do so by the heroic act of the passengers.

It was a somber evening at home, i told Andrea that the terrorists had made a huge mistake as they had fully awakened the ire of the american giant (act of war on their soil!) that will never be fully pacified; her blue teary eyes took on a steely look while she nodded yes with  her head.

 America was truly one nation then and the world (outside of macabre celebrations by the terrorists and their supporters) was truly and passionately united behind that immane tragedy with the famous:" We are all American!" (here in Italy "Siamo tutti Americani!").

Since then birthdays have come and gone always  shadowed by the recurrence and the painful ceremonies accompanying it; but the unity within America and in the world at large was slowly but surely shattered by intellectually, morally and ethically dwarfish leaders (yes Bush but not only, as for me there were three B's, him, Blair and an almost irrelevant in practical terms, Berlusconi)  that willfully preyed on  passions, resentments and religious animosity, guided of course by priviliged relationships with god, no capital "g" applies here.

Here we are today with both the USA and Europe in a huge financial and debt crisis, wars on terror still raging, insurrections in North Africa and in the Mideast aplenty but with no clear future , and a rudderless world leadership due to the weakening of the West in general and America in particular, blame it on 9/11? Probably not, but maybe on its aftermath?

An imperceptible bending of the eyebrows and a slight sad smile will continue to accompany the greeting at passport control in the USA when they read my birthdate, I thank them and enter the country.

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Reminds me, as an ex-pat how it felt that day, but I had NO idea how chaotic the world would be ten years later.

I hold a kind of unpopular opinion on the subject here. I think that those people got exactly what they wanted from the attacks. The world now bends to their threats in every aspect of life they consume immeasurable amounts of the worlds treasure and profit from the sale of oil to those nations that they hate so profoundly that they would brainwash their children to wear bombs to kill as many of the people who are not of their faith as possible this to get them a place in "paradise". Every time we say goodbye at a long line of people to go through metal detectors and full body scanners they have won. When people have to stop and show their papers at a minor border crossing or obtain some kind of visa to merely visit a border town then they win again. When we spend money that should be funding schools, food, health care, housing needs on ways to keep them from attacking they win. Yet this has become our way of life in the U.S. why? We have knee jerked our way into foregoing the freedoms we were once celebrated for. We have done nothing with ten years of unending war besides waste money, lives, and create more enemies. Those enemies believe what the terror organizations say because we have shown with our reactions that they are right about what they have said about the U.S.. We do not hold our way of life sacrosanct and our freedom is merely an illusion. How long before the bill of rights is just three words in a history book? How long will it be until the bloody confrontation between christianity and islam finally erupts and kills millions in the name of the same god? People should have a religion if they so choose nations should not. No nations way of life should be held hostage to the religious fanaticism of a few.
bobbot - the cost has been and continues to be very high; you are right about nations and religions and fanatics....but it seems to be going the wrong way, everywhere
As a French-Canadian (now living in Mexico), Montréal being close to NY, I felt the thunder storm. I was stunned but, simultaneously, I anticipated long before that something would happen someday. It couldn't go on that long without a response from the «other» world where the USA were fiercely involved.
That day the horror was unspeakable. Evil had spoke but altogether it looked like they harvested was they sowed. Later in history, 9/11 will be considered the benchmark regarding the decline of the American empire. That day America lost its innocence.
Unfortunately, they had the very worst leaders to solve the problem. Following that sad event, Bush cheated the world with the pretext found in Irak and he worsened America's problem. I was proud of the refusal of involvement from our Prime Minister.
I know that I will not make friends with my statement but «chaos create chaos».