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September 11
Born in Croazia ( then Dalmazia a province of Italy) and raised in Florence, Italy. Did university work in the USA with a master in semiconductor physics. Worked in hi-tech pretty much everywhere with long stints in the USA. Now living in Tuscany in the florentine hills with andrea, my american wife.


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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 11:47AM

A winter lunch

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Daniela and Nelusco invited us, Andrea and I,  Polly and Piero and another couple, Fiorenza and Alessandro, for lunch yesterday, the occasion? Polly's birthday and a bon voyage to her and husband going to the USA for the annual visit to family (Polly's mother is celebrating her 100th birthday!)

We had just come back from our yearly trek to Miami Beach,


the usual lots of sunshine; then back to Tuscany,


where a siberian cold front had dumped a lot of snow just about everywhere; by the time we were to have the lunch a few days later the snow here had melted a bit and we were able to drive up and down the hill without too much trouble,


So we went to Daniela's,


There she started by serving four antipasti (not well in evidence here):

- soft local cheese slices (forefront)

- top right, eggplant slices previously grilled, then spread with a soft cheese, Robiola, mixed with chopped parsley and then rolled into fingers, all doused with tuscan olive oil (extra virgin, naturally) with more chopped parsley and a modest sprinkling of peperoncino (hot pepper flakes) on top...... Amazing!

- behind the pitcher a plate of sliced artichokes topped with a generous shaving of parmigiano with the ever present olive oil providing a green background

- further to the left a plate full of small cubes of local salami

- and then, coming back up front, just a small bowl of green and black olives 

Up came the wine, an unassuming wonderful red from the southwest region of Tuscany known as Maremma, called Morellino di Scansano

That same region is also well known for an animal, the boar (it., cinghiale), that roams freely there,


not the prettiest of animals but one whose meat makes for a hearty meal in the coldest months of the year!

Daniela had made a stew with it and, as the standard side dish, polenta!


Quite a while later and a few glasses of wine, came Andrea's cake, a lemon coconut bundt with white butter cream frosting and toasted shredded coconut on top, all washed down with sweet wine....

Happy birthday, Polly!


Arrivederci to Polly and Piero and to a lovely day with friends,


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Well! That snow landscape isn't how I picture Tuscany. However, the meal is exactly how I do...gotta get to Tuscany next trip to Italy (well, hoping there IS one...)
Thank you Thank you for that wonderful winter lunch. I never associated snow with Tuscany. The view of your life is so rewarding and sensual.
Sometimes I think that only the Italians know how to really live. When I attended a Catholic highschool, I used to envy the Italian kids. I thought they seemed happier.
Italian kids ARE happier because they have all the freedom they need for growing up.Have you ever watched Italian families?
You can tell they have fun.Every Italian is born with a giggle in their throat.
I am sorry for you as I know how much you would have liked to be invited at Roberto's place.
thank you for sharing the Toscana with us.
Why must you keep tormenting me like this? I love the way you eat and live. If only? -R-