roberto luigi

roberto luigi
Tuscany, Italy
September 11
Born in Croazia ( then Dalmazia a province of Italy) and raised in Florence, Italy. Did university work in the USA with a master in semiconductor physics. Worked in hi-tech pretty much everywhere with long stints in the USA. Now living in Tuscany in the florentine hills with andrea, my american wife.


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It was a beautiful evening in the summer of 1995, I was driving from Heathrow to Bristol on the M5 on my way back from Sardinia....

.....in 1993 my company had started an ambitious pan-european hi-tech project to develop an advanced 64 bit dual microprocessor for the multimedia market; the mainRead full post »

This morning I opened La Repubblica (my left leaning daily) and found a very interesting article by Federico  Rampini and Vittorio Zucconi with the title "C'era una volta in America" which translates (mine) " There was once America"
There are two themes in this double-header:
1. the decli
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MARCH 27, 2012 2:23PM

ER care: USA/Italy

As the plat du jour in the USA is the healthcare debate at the SCOTUS and the bands of pro/against crowds are providing fodder for the newsmedia, I would like to put my two cents in as a frequent visitor to the USA:

. I unfortunately had to visit the ER… Read full post »

MARCH 21, 2012 5:41AM



MARCH 19, 2012 11:56AM


My son Giancarlo posted this on FB, a work by Dorian Tireli


MARCH 15, 2012 8:30AM


April 2012

Night Owls

How nightlife changed Western culture, plus why New Zealand is better than the U.S.

By Benjamin Schwarz

Image credit:

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MARCH 14, 2012 10:24AM

Tuscan spring in the florentine hills

Nature is a wonderful reminder of beauty, it helps us to balance somewhat, if not nearly enough, all the ugliness and horror around....and so comes La Primavera

Foreground: a mimosa tree and the ever present rosemary bushes Background: olive and apricot trees (wonderful fruits and jam!)

DSCN0805&… Read full post »

MARCH 13, 2012 9:27AM

La Primavera

On a much down to earth and humble horizon than that of Botticelli's

 il mondo avido e violento di voi maschi etero ha miseramente fallito, ora tocca a noi donne e ai gay costruirne uno più umano.

giornata internazionale della donna (comunemente definita festa della donna) ricorre l'8 marzo di ogni anno per ricordare sia le conquiste sociali, politiche ed… Read full post »

MARCH 1, 2012 7:18AM

Italy - USA 0 - 1

Last night on a spring like evening (balmy days and chilly nights) in the fair city of Genova....

...the  old port....


.....and its most famous symbol La Lanterna (the lighthouse).....


.....when the city was a seafaring power, one of the four most notable maritime republicsRead full post »

FEBRUARY 17, 2012 6:47AM

Amanda's $4.0 million

It was extremely easy to predict as I did in my post last Sept. 30 "Amanda Knox, italian justice and Donald Trump":

......" The trial has attracted worldwide attention, Perugia is a town under siege from the international media circuits (circus?); Matt Lauer of the Today Show is one of… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 12, 2012 6:22AM

Mount Etna latest eruption

Just in case you have not seen any news report on it, this is to remind us all from time to time of that magical island, Sicily, in the Mediterranean sea as Mount Etna just put  on a display of pyrotechnical beauty  (photographs used here were published in several Italian new… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 9, 2012 11:47AM

A winter lunch

Daniela and Nelusco invited us, Andrea and I,  Polly and Piero and another couple, Fiorenza and Alessandro, for lunch yesterday, the occasion? Polly's birthday and a bon voyage to her and husband going to the USA for the annual visit to family (Polly's mother is celebrating her 100th birthd… Read full post »

JANUARY 21, 2012 9:19PM

Jobs and the rotten Apple

I'll leave it to my american friends on OS to comment on this article by the New York Times as I am just speechless...Chinese business practices aka semi-slave labour! Jobs as another example of brilliant profiteers (that's your job creators!)! 

----------------------------------------… Read full post »

JANUARY 17, 2012 12:27PM

On being italian

After the Berlusconi period


 in the intervening two months following his resignation from government, we were finally, if slowly and painfully, getting back on the road to respectability on the world stage. Two months during which we tried to cancel the superficiality,… Read full post »

JANUARY 12, 2012 2:01PM

It's, what is it?

When I write that " its glory days have gone", I might be making a sad commentary on a country, an institution, a sports team, etc., but a clear one.

When I write that " it's glory days are gone" I am making a sorry mess, as I mean the above, but I write something… Read full post »

JANUARY 12, 2012 10:45AM

Socialist Europe and the GOP

Here we go, the campaign for the presidency of the USA has started and one of  the favourite themes of the "Knights of Freedom" aka the GOP contenders for the nomination in the person of Mitt Romney Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2012 1:39PM

The view from my window (open call)

 From the upstair windows looking across the valley from our house in the florentine hills with the village of Fornacette below; what a balsam for  heart and mind!

Early morning in the summer,


On a November day,


.....the fog,


Again in November,

%IMA… Read full post »

JANUARY 5, 2012 6:27PM

The Yearly Trek To The Sun

As it is customary with our family, come the end of the year we pack up and fly to Miami Beach (South of Fifth) to escape that narrow season, January, when even Tuscany is a cold, wet and boring place.

This year we decided to spend Christmas as well there (I'llRead full post »

JANUARY 4, 2012 3:41PM

Happy 80th Umberto Eco

Just read an interview with Umberto Eco by Antonio Gnoli of the newspaper La Repubblica, the occasion being his 80th birthday on the 5th of this month.

To those not familiar with this fellow, let it suffice to say that he is an unsurpassed essayist, writer, medievalist, professor of semiotiRead full post »

DECEMBER 31, 2011 5:26PM


Heard from Romney :" Obama will be just a footnote in history"

 Upon making some critical remarks on Hitchens after reading the extremely well written eulogy  by Miguela Holt Roybal and her subsequent unabashed defence of criticism in the comments section, I started musing introspectively about my inroads into the anglosaxon culture.

Even though I weRead full post »

DECEMBER 14, 2011 8:57AM


ows nowhere

Gone to the ports! Where next?

It all began at about the time that I started classes at the local church in Florence, San Salvi was the name; it was a country church built in the year 1048 and named after an archbishop of Amiens (it has undergone several upgrades and remakes through the centuries). When i burstRead full post »

NOVEMBER 28, 2011 10:00AM

In praise of "older" women

Just before noon today I read the OS post "The Unforgivable Sin in America" by William Hazelgrove about the disgrace of growing old in the USA

All true, but at lunch as I was sitting across the table from  Andrea my wife, friend, woman and more, I could not keep from whi… Read full post »