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AUGUST 29, 2010 1:36PM

Waiting for a Second American Enlightenment

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I had a visceral reaction to Glen Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.  I am fed up with the right constantly accusing progressives of being amoral and Godless.  I  am tired of them wishing and longing for the bygone yesteryear days.  They're trying to take this country back to the so called good ol' days when white men were in charge WITHOUT QUESTION.  I'm tired of them using religion to make rich men richer and  to keep minorities and women in their proverbial "place." 


glen beck 

I am tired of the this Puritanical stronghold on the United States.  When will we wake up?  When will the average guy see this sham for what it is.  The right holds up a standard they, themselves, can't even reach. 

A group of people who are afraid and angry that the Manifest Destiny of long ago has given way to a majority of people who look different, sound different and live differently.  The same spirit that took away land and resources from the Native Americans seeks to keep these "different" people in their place.

I am looking for a voice of reason out there !   Is there  another Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Henry David Thoreau or Hawthorne ?

Is there a movement on the brink of happening that will shed light on the intention and motivation of this group of Calvinistic, Evangelical-like spewers of hate?  Will someone be brave enough to point out to them that using Jesus  and the Bible as their foundation to marginalize people is missing the entire purpose of who Jesus is and what he stood for?  Tax cuts for the richest people?  Depriving people of health care?  Creating homeless and sending children to bed hungry with parents who would LOVE to have a job...  This is NOT what Jesus stood for. 

Jesus would have shown up on Glen Beck's chalk board. 

Radical+ Tolerant = Evil, Unpatriotic, Communist

Glen Beck and his group want to make our first multi-racial president out to be NOT Christian and Muslim, and NOT a U.S. Citizen.  HUMPH !  this is exactly what they are trying to do to everyone who doesn't look  and act like them. 


the Enlightenment  argued that human life and character could be improved through the use of education and reason. The mechanistic universe – that is to say, the universe when considered to be a functioning machine – could also be altered. The Enlightenment thus brought interested thinkers into direct conflict with the political and religious establishment; these thinkers have even been described as intellectual “terrorists” against the norm. They challenged religion with the scientific method, often instead favouring deism. The Enlightenment thinkers wanted to do more than understand, they wanted to change for, as they believed, the better: they thought reason and science would improve lives.

Wow !  this sounds vaguely familiar.  There doesn't have to be an absence of faith in order to be smart, diplomatic and reasonable.  The conservatives want it to be all or nothing at all.  Well,  they are slowly turning this country in to NOTHING AT ALL as we fall behind in education, health care and domestic industry.  They had everything they are now crying for between the years of 2001 and 2006 and  the results speak for themselves.

 Can and will the otherwise cerebral, thoughtful, academic, enlightened leaders of this country go out there and make some NOISE too, for the better, for the GREATER  GOOD?

I've had enough of the right's love affair with the worst of the past.  I'm waitning on a second American ENLIGHTENMENT !!!!

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I'm waiting with you.
I don't understand how anyone who claims to want to end all the hate and fighting can then turn around and say that they are in awe of this man and what he does. He seeks to divide this country, not because he has any political goals (in my opinion), but because he gets paid to. He is simply playing on the fears and hatred of people who are too blind to see what he is doing. He is a high priced trouble maker. America needs to wake up!
don't hold your breath. and don't feel too righteous. one of america's problems is they are trained to look for leadership from politicians, the law requires it. but they are just as likely to get enlightened leadership from the guild of second hand car dealers, who maintain a higher character test than the politicians.

in short, if you don't figure it out for yourself, you will be lied to, and deserve it.
thanks to everyone who read and commented...

to al loomis... I'm not trying to be righteous. In fact as Paul said, "I am the chiefest of sinners." Is calling out these charletons being righteous? Also, name one politician that head lined the event. Beck himself is nothing but a windbag, a millionaire windbag at that. Sarah Palin didn't even finish her term as governor. She is ALL about the money baby. So... looking to politicians is NOT my problem, its people who refuse to see through all the "Godly" talk, which is a ploy for corporate wellfare, that is my problem.