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Stuart Hamilton
Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States
May 22
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APRIL 2, 2014 10:52PM

Cosmos Peacefully Settles the Score

There has always been rancor between science and religion. One questions everything, even the very existence of God, and the other seeks divine insights from ancient theology. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey comes at a time when America is divided over the very nature of knowledge and how knowl/… Read full post »

DECEMBER 17, 2013 4:04AM

Home For Christmas

They say going home for Christmas should be happy. Not so much. 

It was in the middle of the night and it was pouring the rain. I had parked my car behind the garage so I could load it without getting things wet: two clear plastic bins full of… Read full post »

This is what Charles Koch thinks of you. Compared to the impoverished masses our economic system is built to tread upon, yeah you're pretty damn wealthy if you merely take in $12,000 per year, or as they put it: You're in the top 1% if you make just $34,000 perRead full post »
JULY 10, 2013 5:19AM

Tuesday Night Dice

It begins outside on the front porch. Five grown men taking in the oppressive humidity of a mid-summer night armed with ice cold home brewed beer and a few cigarettes. They stand around in a semicircle sipping and smoking, nodding, cursing, with even the occasional, “Yup.” It'd be… Read full post »

JULY 8, 2013 7:58AM

Should Christians Hate Star Trek?

Sometime back in June of this year, Pastor Kevin Swanson took umbrage with Star Trek: Into Darkness. At issue was the hero's philandering with non-human species, specifically a pair of especially attractive Caitian females. It seems Kevin Swanson ignored Captain Kirk's obsession with Orion fe/… Read full post »

So, after determining that corporations are people, and that laws protecting the rights of voters are obsolete, and even effectively overturning the Miranda rule, somehow this Roberts Court pulls a hat trick and ends Federally sanctioned discrimination against the LGBT community.

Bravo! Of course ifRead full post »

In my own words judicial review is the power of the courts to opine upon the constitutional validity of a legislative act. Tradition holds that when the highest court in the land—the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in our case—determines that an act of any legislature in the… Read full post »

Flat billed ball caps. It is anybody's guess how this became fashionable but honestly: How did this become fashionable? I came across a picture of Justin Bieber wearing a Miami Heat ball cap at least two sizes too large with a flat bill. The man—and let us… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2013 10:04AM

Tea Party Tax Time!

Alright, in summation of this week's big political scandal let's get this one straight.

An IRS auditor who processes 60,000+ 501(c)(4) applications per year (that's over 160 per day, 6 per hour) compares notes with the office and discovers an uptick in errors from one particular group.

This… Read full post »

MARCH 9, 2013 11:50AM

Drones, the All American Sideshow

On this fine Saturday morning you cannot possibly pick up a newspaper real or virtual without reading an article about drones. Drones this; Drones that; Obama's dronesEurope's drones; Stealth drones; Iran's drones, drones, drones, drones.

Huffington Post Main Splash, 03/09/2013, image not cited 

Huffington Post Main Splash, 0Read full post »

Hillary Clinton returned to the Senate today to answer questions about an incident that happened on 11 September 2012. At contention today was the State Department's initial determination that a video about the Prophet Mohammed posted on YouTube was largely responsible for the attack, some/… Read full post »

JANUARY 16, 2013 8:27PM

The NRA's Latest Insult to Parents

As the country finally stops reeling from the atrocities at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut and at last sits down for a serious discussion on gun control the latest salvo from the NRA has taken its queue from the hysterical chain-letter emails now so characteristic of right-wing d… Read full post »

DECEMBER 19, 2012 10:34PM

Why You're Wrong About Guns, and I'm Right


I find assault weapon logic interesting. For whatever reason there are a lot people out there who seem to have a lot of mixed up ideas on what exactly an assault weapon is and why they should somehow have them. So I will address their silly logic in… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2012 1:53PM

The New Not Silent Majority

I have been waiting four long years to write this. My parents used to tell me about the “Silent Majority,” a quiet and well mannered group of conservatives who spoke with their votes. This silent majority watched over American democracy, ensuring that wholesome Christian values were th/… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 5, 2012 11:45AM

The Day Before Election Day

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
the gun powder treason and plot
I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Penny for the Guy? As a Catholic living in England and subject to the Anglican Church, Guy Fawkes witnessed irrevocable tyranny./… Read full post »

OCTOBER 26, 2012 2:23AM

To My Daughter

Today was a good day. I turned on your light, you woke up, I poured you a bowl of cereal, and you ate it wiping your eyes. You are beautiful, even with your hair rumpled up and your pouty cheeks bemoaning the start of another school day.

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Did I ever tell you about meeting a violin?


It begins with a phone call. Her voice is clear, feminine, and wholesome. She has a proposition: Play her grandfather's violin for the church I had just joined, but it needs work. She has/… Read full post »

  It is a sad state of affairs when the man who could possibly be responsible for the reprehensible attack on September 11th, 2001 can claim moral superiority over his collective victim: The United States, but that is just what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed did on 17 October before a court/… Read full post »

While the President and First Lady marked their wedding anniversary at the University of Denver in Colorado, my wife and I marked our own watching the President hand his opponent one axe after another. It was unnerving. Between talking points I refrained from ruining the night with the/… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2012 7:43PM

Conservatives Deserve Better

Talking to me you might assume I was raised by Marxists, but as a liberal progressive and self-ascribed socialist I was actually raised in a chaste family of right-wing social conservatives.  Growing up I asked tough questions of my parents, who generally answered with some manner of Biblical p/… Read full post »