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JANUARY 16, 2013 8:27PM

The NRA's Latest Insult to Parents

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As the country finally stops reeling from the atrocities at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut and at last sits down for a serious discussion on gun control the latest salvo from the NRA has taken its queue from the hysterical chain-letter emails now so characteristic of right-wing dialogue, and their next target: The President's daughters.

“Are the President's kids more important than yours?” The absurd question is fired off with enough fake indignation I almost expected the next line to be, “And I'm mad as hell!” Alas Network has far more redeeming value than this latest bag of bile, but for the sake of pretense let us at least equally pretend to care.

Are the President's kids better than mine? The answer is obvious: No, they are not, but this has no bearing on the fact we are talking about the President's children and how that relates to national security.

Our children are protected by something Malia and Sasha no longer enjoy, something more powerful than any gun or security measure in keeping someone safe. Ask a security professional. The most important thing in any security apparatus is obscurity; that relative anonymity of being a face in the crowd no one is looking for. That's a little hard to maintain when you have your own  wikipedia entry.

It is not enough to only protect the President. How is the President to execute the duties of his office when the security of his family is in question? In this sense Malia and Sasha are not better than our children, but they are certainly more important to national security.

This is not a stretch of logic in the slightest. In fact I have been champing at the bit here, wasting time writing something you already knew. Having answered that question I can finally get down to slamming the NRA's gross insult to my intelligence, and the President.

And it is an insult to not just my intelligence, but everyone else who bothered to even pretend for a moment the National Rifle Association could be trusted to contribute something more than tinfoil hysteria to an otherwise common sense debate.

Having attacked the President's children they have hit rock bottom, which is hard to do when 70% of your membership is already against you. For that I applaud the NRA. Bravisimo! You have proven once again that having the right to say something does not mean you should.

When all else fails the NRA attacks the kids. At least now we know why Adam Lanza did it.

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no one knows who the swiss cabinet are, because, while the information is freely available and occasionally appears in newspaper articles, no one really cares. they are administrators, working under public scrutiny and subject to public sanction.

the obama children are princesses, daughters of the king, the whole family wrapped in celebrity and the subject of multiple fantasies about power. they do need protection, every one, from their subjects.

there is a lot to be said for democracy, this is a minor advantage, and one that the power-hungry willingly give up. better by far, they think, to live in a cocoon of bodyguards and have the power to dispatch armies to distant lands.