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January 21
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JULY 22, 2009 8:40AM

High-Level Officials Must Be Focus of CIA Investigations

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Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder has commented about possibly appointing a Special Prosecutor to investigate the CIA's harsh interrogation program. But to do this completely, that means investigating former Vice President Dick Cheney and his role in all aspects of that program.


But, will this ever happen. Where are the print journalists looking into this matter? Where are the investigated news journalist at the networks and cable stations? Where are the Bernstein & Woodward’s or the Ben Bradley & Katharine Graham’s or the Cronkite & Brinkley’s? The Justice Department needs to act, now!

It is a known fact that former Vice President Cheney was a principle proponent of harsh interrogation during the Bush-Cheney years. He has admitted that several times recently in various interviews. Cheney said to ABC News, "I was aware of the program, certainly, and involved in helping get the process cleared, as the agency, in effect, came in and wanted to know what they could and couldn't do. And they talked to me, as well as others, to explain what they wanted to do. And I supported it." To me, that is a near admission of possible crimes committed of known national & international laws.

We will only know the full extent of the possible laws broken in this matter, if a Special Prosecutor is appointed. The Department of Justice and Attorney General Holder must give a prosecutor the ability to hold the torture architects responsible. If they allow a narrowly confined probe into torture to only the low level foot soldiers; it will fall short of the accountability required to protect the U.S. Constitution from further abuse. So, not only should a prosecutor investigate torture, but that investigation should start not with low level interrogators who crossed the line but at the top with the torture architects, Dick Cheney and his legal counsel (2001–2005) and chief of staff (2005–2009) David Addington.

Get involve today and email this message to Attorney General Eric Hold:

"Attorney General Holder, it is your duty to uphold the constitution and protect the rule of law. The evidence before you demands that you launch an investigation into possible crimes committed under the Bush administration and to prosecute if warranted. This investigation must not be limited to low-level foot soldiers, but should seek justice at the highest levels. Assign a prosecutor to investigate torture and do not rule out as targets architects of the Bush administration's torture program including former Vice President Dick Cheney and his legal adviser David Addington."

- Message language from petition of the Credo Action project

Use this e-mail address to send your message to Attorney General Holder at the Department of Justice:


The United States is a country based on laws and no one is above the laws set by the U.S. Constitution or laws legislated by the U.S. Congress. If we, concerned citizens don’t act, no one else will.

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hang 'em high!
Thanks, George, will do!
Thanks COS, I feel this is an important issue.

Trig - you sound like our former pres... George W. But I am not opposed to a few courthouse square special events
Information through torture tactics is not reliable in the first place and this country use to be on such high moral ground and now we're stooping to their level. What was the Constitution written for, anyway? Cheney may be the original bad guy psycho; he looks like it in the pic. Thanks for the info and the link, George.
George--looks like we buy our long distance service from the same place!

In Chicago we often enjoy voting multiple times---so I'll try sending this again. I really like the way it's written.

What scares me is that we turn into a lynch mob and start acting like our former president---seeking only revenge for the horrors committed by these people. Because I don't think that ANY punishment we humans have would right the horrors that Cheney et all committed.

But Holder's investigation is a must. An absolute must.

Thanks for doing this.

What encourages me is that call you make here
damn---I hate when you can't correct comments

"What encourages me is the way this petition is written." That's what I menat!
I'd love to see that smirk wiped off his face George. Done.
Good job
Pam – well say and our country does stand on moral ground. But the likes of the past administration got to wrapped up in the terrorist mind-set, that they forgot what Americans hold so dear – Freedom & Justice for All!

CG – many thanks for your support

Blue – I agree about Dick smirking and he needs to know that no is above the law. Thanks for your support
Yeah, this is right. When a government official thinks he/she is behaving with impunity, there is no longer any standard to follow. All officials are accountable to the people who elected them, and I want Cheney/Bush held accountable for all that they did.

And to think they wanted to impeach Clinton for a blowjob and lying about it!! The arrogance of believing that Cheney/Bush did no wrong is just astounding to me!
George, thanks for posting about this important issue. If the non-crime of Whitewater could be investigated then the real crime spoken of here deserves equal time! I'll be sending my message and I imagine some organiations have started online petitions regarding this matter, too.
Stephen – you are so right about arrogance. This group in the last administration throught they were above the law; could re-write laws and they thought they could get away with it. Thanks for your cooments

John – you make an excellent point. Thanks for bringing it up and your support
"Where are the print journalists looking into this matter? Where are the investigated news journalist at the networks and cable stations? Where are the Bernstein & Woodward’s or the Ben Bradley & Katharine Graham’s or the Cronkite & Brinkley’s?"

Where DID all of the journalists go? I think the 24 hour news cycle has killed real journalism. Cindy Capitani has written a couple of recent posts of how many have been laid off in her news room and how all the others somehow manage to pick up the slack in hopes of saving their own jobs, so I don't know how much time or resources are available to do anything of depth. 30 years ago an editor would insist on getting to the roots of a story. I just don't think they can do it now. I'm off to sign the petition. Fuck Cheney. (I just like the way that sounds)
Michael - it does have a ring to it!
You make a great point about the monies devoted to the news divisions at the networks. But, damn - can't we go back to the Cronkite days! thanks for your support
Thanks George for your passion. My email was just sent.
mary... thanks for your support. I hope that a SP is appointed and all the facts about this program can be fully investigated.
Have just done so.

Thanks and Reted

Rated, that is.

Torture, and the many other Cheney felonies are of much greater seriousness than that famous blowjob, even lying about it under oath...