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AUGUST 20, 2009 7:51AM

Ailing Ted Kennedy asks for replacement

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It is being reported this morning on NPR and by the Associated Press, that Senator Ted Kennedy is asking the Massachusetts leaders to change state law and allow a speedy replacement of him in Congress. Kennedy has been battling a malignant brain tumor in May 2008.



  In a letter Kennedy acknowledges the state changed its succession law in 2004 to require a special election within five months to fill any vacancy. At the time, legislative Democrats — with a wide majority in both chambers — were concerned because then-Republican Gov. Mitt Romney had the power to directly fill any vacancy created as Democratic Sen. John Kerry ran for president. The letter was sent Tuesday, but Kennedy aides insist there is no material change in his condition.

Under the current law, the governor must call an election within 145 to 160 days of receiving a resignation letter. A primary would be held five or six weeks beforehand, reducing the time candidates would have to raise money for a campaign.

More as news breaks on this dramatic development…


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Thanks for reporting this important story. Kennedy has already gone on longer than I would have expected, and the recent death of his sister Eunice had to have taken a significant toll.
Great story about a great Man!!
George, a sad reminder of what Ted Kennedy is going through and it will doubly sad to not see his name as a member of the Senate after the seat is filled. All eyes will be on his replacement and I hope that person can carry on with the same quality of progressiveness that was a hallmark of Ted Kennedy's Senate career.
I just heard reported on a Boston television station's news program that Teddy has asked for Governor Patrick to appoint a successor in the event that Ted steps down or dies so that if he does so before the health care debate comes to the Senate, Massachusetts will not be underrepresented. Sounds like a prudent and responsible position to me.
Kathy… thanks. I am sure Teddy is hurting deeply at the death of Eunice and from his not being in the fight for healthcare.

Scanner… thanks, I was a bit surprised when I heard it this morning on NPR

John…. Thanks. Teddy’s life has been devoted to public service and he will be hard to replace.

COS… Thanks. I am sure that was his hope. And he has been a responsible member of Congress his entire career.
Sad news about an extraordinary man!
Even though we knew this day would come, it is still sad and hard to accept.
Pam… thanks. Teddy is a remarkable man

mamoore… Thanks & I agree with your sentiments
His passing will mark the end of a long era of public service. Let's hope whoever steps into his role has as loud and clear a voice.
Smithery - Well said!
Teds a goner and will leave a huge vacuum. Does this mean if he's not "replaced" that his Dem vote is just not counted?
trig…. I think he is doing it to protect his vote for the Health Care bill when it passes. But, hey - he has spent his whole adult life working for the disadvantaged of this country, so why shouldn’t his vote be cased in favor of it. If he did not get a replacement... he must feel he would not be able to cast that vote when the bill comes to the floor of the Senate, due to his health.

Thanks for stopping by & commenting, trig!
No need to make any special laws for Ted. The people of Massachusetts are perfectly capable of voting in a candidate of their choice when he dies.
I hope he lives to see healthcare reform passed. He's been a leading advocate for many years.

Thanks for the piece. Rated.
I don't think there's much appetite for this in the Mass Legislature. Response to this request got a big yawn from key lawmakers.
Deborah… Thanks, you are so correct in that statement. Isn’t that why the current MA Law enacted to keep then Governor Romney from appointing someone to that post, if Kerry won the Presidency?

John… Thanks & I do, also.

OEdog… Thanks & you are probably correct about that.
Senator Kennedy realizes that if he dies soon, there will be no senator for at least 5 months--at a critical time in Obama's presidency. It seems the Democrats might have thought of that before when they passed that law last year. Poor Senator Kennedy, having to grapple with this hot political issue at this time.
All indications are he's fading quickly. The lion of the senate... rAted!
JoanK… Thanks, you are correct about ‘having to grapple’ at this time. I would think that he could overcome his illness and be back in the Senate to lead the charge for HealthCare Reform.

Chuck… thanks. Teddy has be a force for so much during his life of public service.
I've never been a real Teddy fan, but it's really sad to see the end of such a magnificent family. I know others are there, grandchildren etc... but the era of the great family seems to be drawing to a very sad close. It kind of feels like an unwanted close of autumn, awaiting the snow fall of a cold, cold winter.

They'll all leave behind wonderful memories. An amazing family.
BoomerB…. Thanks. I agree, sometimes his approach to an issue was a little to left, even for a lifelong “independent progressive” like myself. But in the ‘final analysis’ this family sacrificed beyond the call of duty to serve this nation. I just wish Teddy was there for this historic moment.