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AUGUST 22, 2009 9:40AM

The night I danced away with Grace Jones…

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Grace Jones is a famous Jamaican–American actress, singer, lyricist, dancer and supermodel. She has also spent several years in Paris as a model, where she modeled for celebrity fashion designers.


Jones secured a record deal with Island Records in 1977, which resulted in a string of dance-club hits. The three disco albums she recorded—Portfolio (1977), Fame (1978), and Muse (1979)—generated considerable success in that market. These albums consisted of pop melodies set to a disco beat (such as "All on a Summer's Night" and "Do or Die,") and standards (such as "What I Did for Love," "Autumn Leaves," and "Send in the Clowns").


Grace Jones - Do or Die

During this period, she became a source of inspiration to Andy Warhol, who photographed her extensively. Jones also accompanied him to famed New York City nightclub Studio 54 on many occasions. And this is where my story begins…

 On a cool fall night in 1979, I was out with friends from New York that frenquented Studio 54… let’s just say they had a key to the front door. At about 12 midnight, everyone hopped in a cab and headed to ’54’ – no one got there before midnight, who was part of the scene – Upon entering the club, I notice Andy Warhol and his gang including Baby Jane Holzer, a friend of mine. I, also at the time, happened to be training a horse that was named for Warhol, owned by C.Z. Guest, a good friend & patron of Warhol… so I walked over to Baby Jane and stuck up a conversation. It was just the usual chit-chat – who is here, who is doing who – you know that type of chat. Anyway, as we talked this very tall 5'11" masculine in appearance black lady walked up, grabbed my arm and dragged me out to the main dance floor. I was a bit taken back, but feeling very good (if you know what I mean), I just went with the flow. From that moment on, hard pounding, heart throbbing – anything goes music was moving me around the floor; me & Grace Jones, along with a crowd of some two hundred other merry souls danced until the wee hours of the morning.

During the night I lost my coat, my tie, my shirt & my shoes – just dancing away with only my khaki slacks and about 10 pounds less of flesh… I only stopped dancing long enough to have another sloe-gin fizz and a line or two. About 4 a.m. or so, Grace and I hopped in a cab and continue our early morning festivities at a few afterhour bars in The Village.

Sometime the next day, I walked into my hotel shirtless, shoeless and not too good for wear…  

Although Grace has yet to become a truly mainstream recording artist in the United States - she has, to date, officially released 49 commercial and/or promotional singles (not including re-releases), including several non-album tracks. Today, Grace Jones, 58 is reportedly engaged to music producer Ivor Mervyn Vigors Guest, 4th Viscount Wimborne [born 1968], who is twenty years her junior. The British media described their relationship as 'on/off' most of the time.

Grace Jones
  and that my friends is the  incredible night dancing with Grace Jones, a renown Disco Diva!

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Fun story! Sounds like you had a blast...thanks for sharing. She is hynotically stunning, isn't she?
She's a dazzling fire ball, George and I be you are too! Nice that you kept your khaki slacks on, I guess. Had no idea she has been that busy with the singles, she is a Diva!
stunning and shocking too
gmgaston is a good cook
you best not slow dance
no slow dance with beer
stuff a bottle in britches
she run off with bottles
put beer in front pocket
she haul away in frights
ay, great fun entertains
ask preacher to save her?
save wild women for men!
Maybe a wild Mennonite?
she take cares of cooking!
wild days and wild nights!
giggles clutches gmgaston.
cooks may lose their mind!
So, at the start of the Grace Jones Video, is that you to the right or to the left?
Patie… what I remember was a blast, that’s for sure!

Pam… back in the day I cut quite a blaze on the dance floor

Arthur… you would be surprised what shocking things this cook has baked. Always enjoy your comments, too.

T_O_M…. I’ll never tell!
George, that is quite a story! I never went to Studio 54, but I certainly remember how it was THE place to go back in those days. Just amazing to read how long the two of you danced and then later hailed a cab and headed down to the Village. Thanks for sharing that great story!

A few years after 1979, she came out with "Slave to Rhythm" which is one of my favorites. Here's a YouTube video from 2004 which was produced by Trevor Horn called the Prince's Trust Concert and Prince Charles was present for it. It shows her performing "Slave to the Rhythm" on a great looking stage for this special concert event.
John… ‘54’ was an amazing place. It was always filled to the rafters with a long line of people standing at the door. Everything you have ever heard about ‘54’ – believe it and more! I almost used that video – Slave to Rhythm – because it is pure Grace!
glad you lived to tell it here!
do you still dance?
Grace Jones was also in a James Bond film and beds Roger Moore... or was it the other way around. This is a really interesting story and a great flashback. Thanks for sharing this.
Wow! What a story! Even better than your brush with Jimmy Hoffa! Was there anybody you didn't know, gmg?
Wow! What a cool story! Ah, those were the days.

Debbs… I’ve been known to still tap my toes and sometimes at ‘the home’ when the disco ball is turning, I do a little Latin hustle.

GJI… You are correct about Grace & James; James always says he bedded her, but she can be a force to all to her own, as that night when I was just a ‘bright eyed 25 year old’.

A-H-P… there are a few I don’t know, but traveling the world on the horse show circuit does have its moment to meet the infamous. A course that day with Hoffa, I was just there the same time as him… no meet & greet.

J blum… you are right about that… those days were ‘live & let live’!
What a blast! Grace Jones was the only diva of the 70's who we could not, and would not copy. What a one of a kind icon of fabulousness.
Zuma… you are so right.
Grace is unique, creative & full of surprises!
What a hot night George!! You sound like you were on fire back in the day! Loved the story - glad you survived it too!!
Grif… I’m not sure about that, but when you are young & 25 the world moves at a different pace. Sleep is something you take for granted and you feel indefeasible.
Smithery... Thanks, these type of hell-raising nights stay with you for a lifetime!
Sounds like you enjoyed your 15 minutes! Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

Melissa… Thanks, 15 minutes was about all I remember of that night.
it sure sounds like good exercise!
Kathy… as we have seen on “Dancing with the Stars”; all the contestants lose weight! Thanks for stopping by…