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Gordon Calhoun

Gordon Calhoun
Zuni, Virginia, US of A
September 14
Government/Perfect Peace Farm LLC
Gordon is a historian with the U.S. Navy where he specializes in 19th century U.S. Naval history and the history of the U.S. Navy in Hampton Roads region of Virginia. He also has a real job (i.e. actual physical work) running a race horse and Welsh pony breeding operation in southern Virginia.


NOVEMBER 7, 2008 3:14PM

The Obamas Should Get a Mut from the D.C. Shelter

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America's newest President and his family should get a mut from the D.C. pound.     Getting a mut from the pound would send the message that the new President wants to help those in really need and quite litteraly on their last legs before something really bad happens to them. 

 Getting a pure bred could send the message that Obamas are for the working class.  This would be particuarly true if he got a small, fancy fu fu toy dog or a giant breed like a Great Dane.  Those breeds scream money. 

 No sir, the President-elect needs a dog that, through no fault of his own (well maybe a little if he dug through the garbage can), is currently in a tough situation.   Just like many Americans.

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One of the little girls is allergic, so they are looking for a hypoallergenic breed (poodles are like this, I think). Hopefully they will decide on a breed then find a rescue organization for that breed.
ahhhh...I see, I did not know that...thanks!