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Gordon Hilgers

Gordon Hilgers
Dallas, Texas, United States
July 22
Born in Denver, Colorado, 1950s-era capitol of the Beat scene, Gordon Hilgers was exiled to Dallas, Texas, in 1963, and Dallasites were so angry that another 9-year-old Democrat had entered the city that they killed Kennedy. From there, Gordon began writing poems and stories, eventually received a BA degree in newswriting, has written for The Dallas Morning News, despite the fact he was far too Liberal for the likes of William F. Murchison and John Birch, worked as an advocacy journalist and is partly responsible for the City of Dallas' public homeless shelter--where poor people can go to find jobs rather than getting told that because they've forgotten to embrace Jesus that God made them homeless.

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Now that the United States Supreme Court is taking-up a so-called issue involving a misunderstanding of the wording in the ACA legislation as serious business, well, my crap-detector is going off like crazy. 

Crap-detectors are like red flags.  Not the red flags of the Soviet Union and the… Read full post »

Three days ago, two extraordinarily rich Dallas area residents and top donors to the Koch brothers' "Freedom Partners" organization, the group that in January announced the Kochs and their allies plan to shove $889 million dollars into the 2016 elections in an attempt to give us all "the best governm… Read full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2014 12:00PM

Eric Garner's "Useful Death"

As protesters nationwide express outrage over police brutality and how it relates to a Staten Island street vendor, high muckety-mucks like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are using his death to beat up on government policies regarding contraband sales of second-hand cigarettes. 

 "It's also im… Read full post »

Don't worry about climate change; Jesus'll fix it up right nice! 

Screw the world, Jesus is coming!

Sure.  Those two statements are jarring, but they accurately sum-up Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe's attitude towards science.  But what's really jarring is that the oil-crazed GOP Senat… Read full post »

Sure.  Good news that the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly voted on a Constitutional Amendment that would overturn Citizens United, the "unlimited campaign funding is free speech" bill the airheads of the SCOTUS thought was just delightful, but has anyone heard even crickets chirping from the U.S. Hou… Read full post »

Anyone who has read the so-called "flap" caused by in mistaking an attorney tenuously involved in the Clinton-era Whitewater fracas, Loretta Lynch, with the recent Obama administration nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, cannot help but either laugh or be cynical about Breitbar… Read full post »

Not-so-big news: The prisoners are running the prison.  Dog bites man, right? 

In terms of all the plaintive calls for campaign finance reform in the wake of the Citizens United SCOTUS (rhymes with "Scot Pus") decision in favor of, well, money, money and more and more money, I often sense… Read full post »

Did you know seals eat fish? 

In that light, considering there is a cell of the American Taliban, a.k.a "Y'all Qaeda", somewhere inside the once-venerable-now-not-so-much Washington Post, perhaps it's time the Obama administration send-in Seal Team Six to "take care of" the the Post's problem o… Read full post »

Back in the mid-1970s, as a college student living within the revolutionary paradigm of the increasingly underground result of the antiwar movement, I heard a lot of talk like this:

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".  Need a translation?  That's Isaac Newton's Third Law of… Read full post »

If you talk to any typical low-information Republican voter, you'll find something odd: Very few of the low-information types can even comprehend that the G.O.P. has not always been of conservative ilk.  Tell some of those poor souls that, during the New Deal, the number of liberal Republicans l… Read full post »

Never mind that the 2014 midterms were a perfect example of "the best election money can buy".  Never mind the 3,000 or so yammering, honking, yapping, barking, howling right-wing AM radio talk show propagandists.  Never mind even the president's inability to get into Congress and twist a f… Read full post »

If you're either savvy or brave enough to visit the conservative side of America's currently divided media informational syndrome, you'll see it over and over again until you're ready to throw-up: conservative blowholes falsely conflating Liberalism with Marxism, Socialism and even Communism. … Read full post »

Since the essence of conservatism, at least by the lights of Edmund Burke and other major conservative thinkers, is the adherence to tradition, sometimes I cannot help but wonder exactly which tradition modern-day Conservatives are pushing. 

Are modern-day American Conservatives really protecti… Read full post »

Even though I am a registered voter here in Texas, even though I was born an American citizen, even though I actually live where my voter registration says I live, even though I have voted in every national and state election for at least a decade and a half, I do… Read full post »

Let's all say it again: BENGHAZI! 

Never mind that the George W. Bush presidential administration suffered through no less than 16 "Benghazis", according to right wing AM radio blowholes, Obama and--GASP!--Hillary Clinton are responsible for the most horrible oversight and possibly conspiracy i… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2014 1:42PM


I really don't know about anyone else, but I have some serious qualms with Libertarianism. 

While the Libertarian movement seems to be exploding in popularity among Americans who have been all-but-conditioned to be suspicious of the government, even as the movement attaches itself like "Alien"… Read full post »

Are we at war? 

Judging from the disinformation campaigns, many of them right there on our television sets, you'd think this was the darkest days of the Cold War.  

During the fight between the isolationists and interventionists over America's proposed role in World War II, one competent o… Read full post »

Well, Drama Queen Darrell Issa, that hurricane of disinformation and conservative propaganda, is at it again. 

Moments ago, Issa's latest "monkey hearing" began, this one on the government's response to Ebola, and rest assured, folks, this latest misuse of government funding is going to attempt… Read full post »

Now that conservative "Christian" Pat Robertson has warned his viewers tht travelers to Kenya need to worry because "the towels could have AIDS" on them; and now that almost every conservative candidate for public office is depending on spreading fear, xenophobia and worry, it's clear that not only a… Read full post »

OCTOBER 17, 2014 7:40PM


You know, I was happy when some journalists threw a little righteous disdain at all the fearmongering, sensationalistic, yellow journalism "reports" on the ongoing Ebolagate crisis.  At least at first I was happy and satisfied and, well, fooled. 

Now that an Ohio school has closed its door… Read full post »

Doubtless, at least half of America is sick, sick, sick.  Not with Ebola, but of Ebola.  The other half is, well, using Ebola as a way to pin blame on the Democrats for the entire thing. 

It doesn't matter if it's Mitt Romney naively accusing President Obama of not closing… Read full post »

OCTOBER 15, 2014 2:24PM


Being poor in Texas, I've experienced apprehension typical of poor people over the brand spanking--and I mean spanking--new Texas voter ID laws. 

When news hit the television screen yesterday that the apparently highly-partisan 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans has deemed it necessary to reinsta… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2014 7:22AM


Each day, the poor, Sierra Leonian man named Thomas Duncan gets worse in isolation in Dallas' Presbyterian Hospital.  Duncan went from serious to critical this weekend.  He's sinking, he's 5,000 miles away from home, he could be sued for lying, but while two American aid workers--Dr. Kent B… Read full post »

Imagine your six-year-old being approached by a relatively nice-looking man in glasses--who happens to be under indictment for two felonies--during a barbeque in Iowa. 

I don't know about anyone else, but the thought of someone who may soon be denied the right to even vote running around from Ne… Read full post »


Practically the instant the now nationally-famous man diagnosed as having Ebola hit the grapevine, the CBSDFW 11 News, a local Dallas "news" or "snooze" outlet, has been having a public spaz attack that is very, very loud and histrionic.  

Monday evening at 5:30 CST, just as The CRead full post »