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Gordon Hilgers
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July 22
Born in Denver, Colorado, 1950s-era capitol of the Beat scene, Gordon Hilgers was exiled to Dallas, Texas, in 1963, and Dallasites were so angry that another 9-year-old Democrat had entered the city that they killed Kennedy. From there, Gordon began writing poems and stories, eventually received a BA degree in newswriting, has written for The Dallas Morning News, despite the fact he was far too Liberal for the likes of William F. Murchison and John Birch, worked as an advocacy journalist and is partly responsible for the City of Dallas' public homeless shelter--where poor people can go to find jobs rather than getting told that because they've forgotten to embrace Jesus that God made them homeless.

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SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 9:49AM


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La de dah.  Throughout the Republican National Convention this week, all we heard was the din of Republicans blaming President Obama and the Democrats for a failed economy. 

Well, I have news for them.  Look at The Financial Times.  Look at The Economist.  Both financial publications are lauding the Obama Administration for basically saving the American economy.  That’s right.  Saved it. 

Now, tune back to 2008, just before the presidential election.  President George W. Bush, one of the free market crazies who’d taken-over the economy to debatable results, considered the entire downturn “an adjustment” and against his supposedly better judgment, he really did want to do nothing.  Nothing.  Just let the banks fall.  Just let the economy go to you-know-where. 

Under pressure, then, Bush did put through the TARP program, and yet it wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t until the Obama stimulus in 2009 that the economy’s downward spiral slowed, began to stop and then moved back upwards in a healthy way.  At one point in 2008, the economy lost 500,000 jobs in one month—the largest national job loss since the Great Depression. 

We’re now seeing 27 straight months of job gains.  The gains may be modest, but there are many factors contributing to those modest gains, among them globalization and the often-talked-about “outsourcing” of jobs to a Communist country called China. 

What the big problem is, is Republican Congressional obstructionism.  The Teabillies who came to power in 2010 decided they were going to do every single thing they could do to stop the president.  Why?  Who really knows?  Those folks are free market ideologues who want to dismantle the U. S. Department of Education for Christ’s sake.  In a word, they’re IDIOTS. 

Over and over through the RNC, we heard how Obama has done nothing.  Actually, the bills the Obama Administration has sent to Congress, bills that could create jobs and actually turn a profit in government spending is getting longer and longer. 

But the retards in Teabillyland won’t do anything.  And the Republicans know this has happened.  In fact, the Republicans planned for it to happen.  Why?  So they could gain power. 

That’s right.  Screw the American worker, we want power.  That seems to be the Republican and Teabilly battle-cry.  And for what? 

For free market economics which have been proven not to work.  Free market economics caused the 2008 downturn.  Free market economics demands that the government quit “interfering” with the economy because the economy is pure and organic and touchy-feely-sensitive.  Idiots. 

I certainly hope the Democrats point this out over and over during next week’s Democratic Convention.  The Republicans even met within hours of Obama’s 2008 presidential victory—all to plan his demise. 

How patriotic is that?  You’d think the Nazis had infiltrated the democratic process and are doing all sorts of damaging things. 

Let’s get the Teabillies out of Congress.  In fact, let’s get them out of America.  Teabillies: Somalia-bound. 

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