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Gordon Hilgers
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July 22
Born in Denver, Colorado, 1950s-era capitol of the Beat scene, Gordon Hilgers was exiled to Dallas, Texas, in 1963, and Dallasites were so angry that another 9-year-old Democrat had entered the city that they killed Kennedy. From there, Gordon began writing poems and stories, eventually received a BA degree in newswriting, has written for The Dallas Morning News, despite the fact he was far too Liberal for the likes of William F. Murchison and John Birch, worked as an advocacy journalist and is partly responsible for the City of Dallas' public homeless shelter--where poor people can go to find jobs rather than getting told that because they've forgotten to embrace Jesus that God made them homeless.

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NOVEMBER 9, 2012 11:19AM


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Oh, man!  MSNBC just interviewed an ad man for the conservatives regarding the summary defeat of Romney, but the interviewee wasn’t backing down.  “We’ll change our tactics but we aren’t changing our ideology!” he snapped. 

Doubtless the conservative ad man was experiencing a conservative wet dream: Telling all the so-called “Socialists” where they can stick it—in the studio of the so-called “Socialist” propaganda mill. 

I’m laughing at the man’s B-movie “heroism”, but I’m not laughing at the “message not received” by the conservative camp.  One pundit on the same channel made the astute observation that powerful forces in conservatism always rationalize their losses by telling themselves they haven’t moved far enough to the right. 

Which, in one way, is good news for us Liberals and Progressives.  The farther to the right on the political table merely means more room for us.  What this rightward ‘ho movement is going to do to American politics is saddening and stultifying. 

I, for one, was fit to be tied once Romney’s every-which-way “policy statements”, designed to “fire-up” the base, targeted the lower 47 percent of Americans in that, in effect, he would be cutting the national debt by removing social welfare programming from the bottom rather than raising taxes on the rich. 

What’s wrong with these people?  I’ve written enough about Grover Norquists’s airheaded “pledge” never to raise taxes, and about his ultimately destructive agenda for America.  Honestly.  You’d think Norquist believes his own hype that he’s the only person who matters in America.  What a selfish little fur ball he is.  Yeah, here we are, 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, and Grover Norquist wants us to ignore the just-plain sane possibility of raising revenue to meet the demand on Social Security and Medicare.  Of course, Grover Norquist’s rich.  He’ll never need Social Security—so screw the rest of us. 

What a wonderful man he must be.  He and his squelchy little voice.  Talking about drowning the government in a bathtub.  The little conservative minions who buy into his selfishness rap may not personally be paying for their purchase of his blue light special, but millions of us probably will. 

Thanks Grover!  Nice how the rich seem to think the rest of us have to dance to the tunes only they like. 

Right now, anything to the left of Himmler is considered “Socialism” by the right’s propagandists, and this does not bode well for the future of America.  I think it’s time for a muzzle on those dogs. 

Bring back The Fairness Doctrine. 

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They came very close now that the presidency of the US is for sale. They'll blame Romney and next time we'll see more of the same, only they will spend more money. At least now a little more of it will be spent on the country instead of themselvs.

Come see my post on the subject.