OCTOBER 18, 2011 3:35PM


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The ex let me know this past Saturday that there would *be* no child support checks. This came as something of a surprise and a disappointment, especially since I had an appointment for Kid #1 to get a couple of cavities filled and the phone/net/cable bill due.

  my former 2006 Nissan Titan pickup truck

Since I had already used up all my good ideas for extra money, I realized it was time to act on an idea I'd had earlier this year: sell my truck.

Obviously not having a vehicle means walking. Kind of a shocking notion to a native southern Californian. But why not try it? The kid's schools are literally next door to our housing unit, there's a decent market not too far in one direction and a Trader Joe's in the other direction. 

I could stand some exercise... so I posted an ad on Craigslist yesterday and got a call from an auto broker within an hour or two. Today we met at the bank and transferred money to my account and I gave him the pink slip. No more vehicle. 

I walked home. Uphill. Gah. Maybe not having a vehicle will be a good thing. I'll have to walk places. 

Since my routine is to get out of bed, prep and launch the kids, then return to my laptop and either do freelance work or try and scare up more freelance work, I don't get a lot of exercise.

Before I went to the bank I bought a case of cheap wine at Trader Joe's and a couple of 40-lb bags of water conditioning salt at Home Depot.

I'm unsure how it will go. Not in a great hurry to buy some econo-box car and I'm finished with ancient air-cooled Volkswagens. So I'll walk.


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