NOVEMBER 17, 2011 11:32AM

The funniest part of the story...

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Mercifully, I have a sense of humor. As does the universe. About a month back I was faced with some dental work for Kid #1 and the phone bill when I learned that my ex would no longer be sending any amount in child support, which was something of a surprise.

I'd toyed with the idea of getting by without a vehicle. I'd been driving a full-size V8 truck, which I enjoyed but didn't need. So I sold the truck, paid for the dental work, et cetera. All well and good. Rolling with the changes.

Ah, but at the end of the week when Kid #1 and myself had walked a mile or so to the dentist's office I happened to look at my bank receipt from a deposit I'd made the other day for about $1500 -- I noticed my balance was about $24,000.

Then I recalled my ex having told me that she was trying to arrange some Social Security benefit for the kids. I wrote it off, even after a phone interview with someone from the SSA. In which they'd mentioned that if the case was approved the kids would receive a year of retroactive support. And a small chunk of money each month until they hit 18.

Long story short, I had a huge amount of money in my account at the end of the same week which had seen me parting with my truck. Reminded me of the last scenes in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" where the old guy laughs at the gold dust they'd mined blows away, back to the mountain -- 

"Laugh, Curtin, old boy, it's a great joke played on us by the Lord or fate or by nature -- whoever or whatever played it, certainly has a sense of humor. The gold has gone back to where we got it. Laugh, my boy, laugh. It's worth ten months of labor and suffering -- this joke is."


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Reminds me of the evening, many years ago, when my ATM balance showed, instead of a few hundred dollars, over a million. It gave me opportunity for much thought overnight, but in the morning the error was corrected, the money was gone.
pretty cosmic man.