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Gordon Osmond
Sao Paulo, Brasil
November 09
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Retired lawyer, playwright, Author of So You Think You Know English: A Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don't Need One. ISBN: 978-1-61546-414-2 and Wet Firecrackers http://www.publishamerica.net/product3892Slipping on Stardust was released on 1/11/13. Check it out at http://i-m.co/GordonOsmond/SlippingonStardust Osmond's latest novel, Turner's Point, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.


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MARCH 8, 2015 5:24PM

My Racist Record

My Racist Record

When I was eight years old, my best friend was Charlie, the son of the superintendent of the building housing my family. When Charlie and I emerged together after playing in the building’s coal bin—no windmills or dams were available—people took us for twins, which… Read full post »

MARCH 7, 2015 8:05PM

The Folly of Faith

The Folly of Faith

By faith, I mean the acceptance of things for which no rational evidence exists. Through the ages, faith deters people from developing their full potential, provides a crutch for people to explain and excuse their inadequacies, and, most harmfully, allows persons who have figured… Read full post »

The Bible, the Koran, and the U.S. Constitution

Now more than ever, we’ve got to watch religious extremism in this country like a hawk. Sprucing up on Sundays and playing nicey-nicey with friends for a couple of hours probably won’t do us any permanent damage as long as we don’t… Read full post »

Dems Need to Find a New Horse to Ride

Obama started, out of personal pique as is his wont, the anti-Hillary movement with his “new-car smell” observation, understanding as will every non-comatose American, that the essence of Ms. Clinton is about as “new” as a Model T.

Follo… Read full post »

MARCH 1, 2015 12:54PM

BO and Bibi

Susan Rice Back on TV?

Who let Susan (the lesser) Rice out? In a rational world, her five-channel roundelay regarding Benghazi would have put an end to her political career, but as she was merely doing her master’s bidding, I suppose she has a level of loyal protection.

Again,… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 27, 2015 10:25AM

I Love Justice Ginsberg

When Ruth Ginsberg transferred from Harvard to Columbia Law School in her final year, the masthead of the Columbia Law Review had been set with Lawrence Wallace as Editor-in-Chief and me as Decisions Editor. Had she transferred earlier, that order would surely have been altered, as she was Numero Uno… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 27, 2015 10:24AM

I Love Justice Ginsberg

When Ruth Ginsberg transferred from Harvard to Columbia Law School in her final year, the masthead of the Columbia Law Review had been set with Lawrence Wallace as Editor-in-Chief and me as Decisions Editor. Had she transferred earlier, that order would surely have been altered, as she was Numero Uno… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 10:20AM

Bergdahl Redux?

Three British Students Set to Join ISIS? Who Cares?

The attention paid to the travel of three schoolgirls from the U.K. to Turkey purportedly en route to Syria to join the ISIS war against civilized life is truly baffling. I can understand concern on the part of the families of… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 21, 2015 10:50AM

Is Ash Carter an Accident?

Ash Carter—Accidents Will Happen

Imagine Obama’s surprise when he returns from his latest tour of duty, involving the sinking not of ships but rather golf balls, to learn that Ash Carter is his new Secretary of Defense.

Right at the start, Defense Secretary Ash has committed two unforgi… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 8:55AM

Help Wanted Uncle Sam Needs You!

Uncle Sam Needs You! 

According to U.S. State Department spokescreature Marie Harf, one of the “root causes” of American youth going overseas to join ISIS is the lack of job opportunities here at home. I have a root solution for this problem.

The job opportunity that these disaffect… Read full post »

“Lethal Defensive Weapons”—the Best of Obamaspeak

Obama recently stated in front of an array of American flags, that He had not yet made up his mind (sic) about whether to supply “lethal defensive weapons” to the Ukraine. His hesitancy, hardly news in any case, may in t/… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 8, 2015 9:18AM

Obama's Choice of Words Betrays Him

Obama’s Revelatory Choice of Words

1.         The man is addicted to cliché, indicating either that he is an uncreative thinker or consciously playing down to the American public. I suspect both. Recent examples, both drawn from equestrian roots,… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 6, 2015 3:38PM

Obama: From Lame to Dead Duck

Obama’s Political Suicide

With his latest statement about past Christian atrocities precluding people from getting “on their high horse” in condemning the recent ISIS human barbeque, Barack Obama has ever so gracefully segued from lame duck to dead one.

It is difficult to plumb th… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2015 12:40PM

Elizabeth (Minnie HAHA) Warren

Memo To Republicans in 2016—Don’t Fuck It Up

A Republican presidential victory in 2016 should be a piece-of-cake walk. If the tired trilogy of Hillary (old-car smell) Clinton, Elizabeth (Minnie HaHa) Warren, and Bumblin’ Biden is the best the Democrats can offer or threaten, then,… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2015 11:36AM

Pope Francis Clears It Up

Pope Francis Tells It All

After his investiture, there were some encouraging signs that Pope Francis was actually going to add a few negative grace notes to the Catholic Church’s historic doctrines of repression, discrimination, intolerance, and epic sexual hypocrisy. All of that was swept awa… Read full post »

JANUARY 10, 2015 4:59PM

No More Facebook

Why I Left the Book That Dares Not Face Its Name

Not Facebook’s fault.

Providing a forum for others to embarrass themselves is not the provider’s responsibility.

And perhaps there are means to restrict communications to those that have something more profound to share than their exper… Read full post »

DECEMBER 17, 2014 7:58AM

God Made Me Do It

This from a communication from Faithful America to, presumably, the fellow faithful.

“Michigan could be poised to pass a new "religious freedom" bill that would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against whoever they wish, so long as they claim a religious motivation.”

Hey… Read full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2014 1:34PM

Obama's Last Clear Chance

Obama’s Last Clear Chance at Legacy

So far, it’s all negative. Obamacare is a bust. The reputation of the U.S. in the international community, once preeminent, is in shambles. The economy fails to deliver to the working man because Obama is strangling its engines. And race relations, whi… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2014 9:39AM

Obama and Ferguson

Johnny Finally Put Beans in His Nose

After a chorus of pious pleas for restraint, thugs, thieves, and arsonists not known for their sensitivity to such injunctions, did a pretty good job of destroying the property of many businesses in Ferguson, Missouri.

The height of hypocrisy was reached today… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 7:10AM

Classic Obama

Classic Obama

Obama’s Sunday TV interview presented two attributes of the man that are becoming all too familiar to the American public, which has pretty much written him off as a political force of any consequence or consistency.

His twin statements that Hillary would be a “formidable&… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 21, 2014 12:31PM

Obama Dissed by Media

Presidential Snub by TV Networks

The failure of CBS, ABC, and NBC to carry Obama’s brief address on immigration can be explained very easily.  After the midterm election, Obama is the lamest of lame ducks whose basic credibility has been so severely compromised by inconsistency and outrig… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 19, 2014 4:24PM

Obama and Cosby

Obama and Cosby—Two Legacies in Big Trouble

Bill Cosby is being accused of drug rape by several women, and on the basis of the accusations alone, major companies are cancelling shows and doing other things that will surely and severely prejudice the iconic comedian and his legacy.

Legacy is… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2014 8:05AM

Obama the Boy King

Time To Wake Up the Boy King

When a coddled child becomes spoiled to the point of doing serious damage to the furniture, it’s time to draw the line.

Like any spoiled child, Barack Obama is not entirely to blame for his belief that the world is not only… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 7:21AM

America's Suicide

My review of an interesting new book is reprinted below. Maybe it will help some our traditional OS contributors get through the whipping they took at the polls last week:

Title:               America's Suicide

Author:  Read full post »

NOVEMBER 5, 2014 11:59AM

Obama--The Morning After

While readily conceding that Rome cannot be remade in a day, even an election one, the resounding blow dealt yesterday to Obama and his administration is remarkable and incredibly promising for the future of the nation.

Obama was elected, and reelected, due to the feverish efforts of an extraordinar… Read full post »