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DECEMBER 23, 2010 7:47AM

Napolitano's Lost Day Found!

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Napolitano's Lost Day Found!


For a few days, the public has been wondering which day on the calendar was the intelligence holiday the existence of which was implied by Janet Napolitano in her remarkable statement that the country's watchdog services were on the job 24/7, 364 (sic) days a year.


Now we know: December 22 is that day.


That was the day when top gun James Clapper drew a blank when asked for his take on a major terrorist bust in London thwarting a Mumbai-type attack. His desperate plea for assistance from Napolitano and Brennan was as plaintive as Sigourney Weaver's plea to Harrison Ford when she was caught in a lie in Working Girl.


What further evidence of incompetence does Obama need to fire some of these threats to national security?  Maybe Diane Sawyer should have asked Clapper what he reads.


At a shared desk, Brennan, Napolitano, and Clapper prepared for a TV interview on the subject of national security. What were they talking about during the prep time?  How they can make Sarah Palin look uninformed?

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Sarah Palin needs no help looking uninformed. All she has to do is open that pretty little mouth and it is on display for the whole world.
Desert Rat ... this is a STUPID, knee-jerk comment. Respond to what Gordon has posted.
Gordon, for you to say that a verbal gaffe qualifies as a "remarkable statement" is stretching things a bit.

I haven't seen the clip that you refer to but the news account does make it seem that Mr. Clapper is/was woefully unprepared for the interview.

John, you too made a comment without responding to Gordon's post.
Roger ...

I didn't want to respond to Gordon. I wanted to respond to Desert Rat.