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Gordon Osmond
Sao Paulo, Brasil
November 09
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Retired lawyer, playwright, Author of So You Think You Know English: A Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don't Need One. ISBN: 978-1-61546-414-2 and Wet Firecrackers http://www.publishamerica.net/product3892Slipping on Stardust was released on 1/11/13. Check it out at http://i-m.co/GordonOsmond/SlippingonStardust Osmond's latest novel, Turner's Point, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.


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MARCH 24, 2012 11:01AM

Obama's Kids--Real and Imagined

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Having shamelessly used his daughters to defend his call of support for the equally shameless Sandra Fluke, Papa Obama has conjured up an as-yet-unborn son to buttress presidential outrage at the killing of a young black kid in Florida.Is it necessary to invent a phantom child to express what has become universal outrage of what happened to Traymon? Is it necessary to make the phantom child black?Can it be that Obama feels that his political future, if any, depends on selling not one, but two brands of poisonous snake oil--Brand A (class warfare) and Brand B (racial warfare)?These moves, taken together with Obama's twisting and turning on the issue of oil, makes one wonder about a possible fine line between unprincipled political pragmatism and psychological instability.In either case, where did the rumor start that Obama is bright and/or wholesome?  


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politics, traymon, obama

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